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Oct 29, 2009
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Heya Geeks,

I put 'computer management system' in the search bar and it came up with no results but I'm sure things like this have been on this forum so sorry to bring it up again....

I'm going from a beauty room to rent to my own shop fronted premises soon. I didn't budget for a posh computer system/appt book with text reminders being sent to clients but a big company got in touch and it's not insanely expensive (esp with a big deposit and then splitting the payment over the following 12 months.)
I'm really considering it as I think it would be ultra professional but I need some help from you guys...has anybody got one of these? and has it been good for you? I'm thinking it would help no show rates, fill up the day if it was looking quiet, you could send a special offer text out etc. But I'm really worried that I could break it or loose customers details so if you have had any experience good or bad please could you let me know?

Thanks :)

There was a thread on the nail geek about no shows and a link was placed for I have had a look and seems quite a good thing, have a look see what you think. You can change it to use's free to have. :)
If you try searching 'salon software' instead it may show more results, sometimes you have to play with the words a little depending on what people have called it in old threads
How much were they charging? There's a lot of companies out there - some are mega expensive, others more reasonably priced.
It was a well known company that the salon I'm in at the moment uses. From £2500 and free training and support, my Dermalogica stuff cost £4000 to set everything up and has been amazing for me so that why I don't feel its ott expensive. What does everyone else use? Is it easy to use and what is it like if things go wrong? Or is it just not worth it?
Hi Zoe,
There are many software companies on the market who offer interest free payment plans like the one you suggested and lease options to spread the payments, you need to ensure however that after the 12 months is up there will be no other costs for example many companies charge monthly fees for support costs and these can sometimes be as much as your monthly payment for the software!

Salon software is an invaluable investment for your salon and as stated it will help you with every aspect of your business from marketing, reducing no shows, reporting and managing your clients allowing you to meet their needs more effectively. You shouldnt worry about the software breaking or losing customer details as if you choose a reputable company they will provide free unlimited support and will be on hand to help with any problems should they arise.

Before making your final decision on your software provider ensure you have had a demonstration and trial with a few companies to ensure the one you choose is the most compatible with your business needs.
I have mentioned before on here, we use Platinum Software in the salon and have used for many years now. It's quite a lot cheaper than some of the other big names but has all the same features. It is really simple to use, the team are very helpful and they are very flexible with payments etc.

It has stopped 80% of our no shows, no mean feat! I can also text customers on a quiet day and offer them an incentive to fill that day, the marketing potential is just great, and my hours of doing financial paperwork have been reduced to just about a click of a button!

I am sure they can help
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