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Jan 27, 2009
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Hey Geeks, I've been looking around for consultation cards that have the ticky boxes with all the contra indications on for massage, pedicures etc. I cant seem to find any decent ones anywhere!! All of them ask dumb questions that i dont need to know like chest size height etc.

Im at the point now where im considering getting a printers to do some for me. Has anyone found any decent ones that they'd recommend? Any help would be greatly appreciated x
hey, i wanted the same thing but cant find any anywhere! So iv just made my own with everything i need on them. hope this helps xxx
I printed up my own at home. Might be worth an hour wrestling with the vistaprint site though as printers seem to charge a lot to print onto card.
The best idea is probably to make your own, you can include all the questions that are important and needed for you. At college we made our own consultation cards, i'll probably dig them out from my computer and reuse them and print them off as they had all the relevant information

Me too. I have been looking everywhere.

Where does everyone get their contra indication lists from? There seem to be many non exhaustive lists but do not cover everything. I wanted to do consultation cards, made by myself and additional one so they can sign to say they have read and understood the home care advice given and also the ticky boxes for each relevant contra indication to the specific treatment.

The list of C. I's from college - well, I wouldn't know where it was to go off!


I thought I'd have to make my own. Oh well just another thing to add to my list of things to do lol

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