Could someone tell me what this is, please?


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Jan 4, 2009
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Removed a clients gel Polish yesterday which had been on for 4 weeks and the tip on the little finger was discolored and it looked like the ring finger was starting to go too but no others were.
I've took a picture to show you all (there is primer on them) Aby ideas on what it could be? X

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Damn the picture wouldn't up load it says I need to log in first but I am grrrrr!
Ill keep trying x

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You can't post images unless you are a 'premium geek' but you can make an album and post a link to it so we can see, and that is free.
Upload your image to Photobucket. You click on the image link code it gives to you & then you can click on the chain above & drop the code onto the box that comes up & then enter. It will then come up in your post....

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