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Jun 27, 2003
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To cut a long story short. I returned to work last year and gave up being a full time nail tech ( felt uninspired for a while, then found Creative)

As a result I said goodbye to some of my clients.

Thankfully some have returned and last night one of my clients said that one salon she had visited decided to remove rather than fill her nails.
They proceeded to get a nail tip and slide it between her nail and the acrylic so removing the enhancement.

I was dumbfounded. I also couldn't believe that she sat there and let them do this after having her nails done for the last four years.

It just goes to show you how quietly British we can be sometimes.

I told her off and said I felt responsible for letting her go in the first place. :shock:

Thankfully her nails had recovered by the time I say them.

Anyone heard of anything like this, or worse. (Of course, we don't name names)

I have long ceased to be surprised by the horrendous things I hear about what some technicians (if we can call them that) get up to.

Some have so little regard for the natural nail ignoring the fact that the weaker they make the foundation of the enhancement the more problems they will have down the line. So short sighted.

All these 'methods' are to help save time at the expense of the integrity of the natural nail. Stupid, stupid, stupid and negligent to say the least.
About 2 weeks ago I went into a NSS out of curiosity :hit: .I had broken 2 nails cleaning house and my shop is 20 min. away. Did'nt feel like driving. Anyway I just wanted to see this place for myself and see what these uninformed people were doing to there nails. Well I had the acrylic left on my nails-only broke the tips off. Sure enough they put a nail tip between the acrylic and my natural nail and pryed it off. :gun: Holy cow that hurt like no other. The nails dont even look good, no arch or anything. The guy used a "Texas" sized brush. That brush must have been a size 30 if there is such a thing. I'm such a hypocryte. Now when I tell people about the harm of MMA, I can thell them form experience-
IT HURTS!!!![/size]
Yes, when I first started wearing nails, my lack of knowledge sent me to an NSS shop and yes, they used to take a tip and pry off a broken nail with it. I didn't know there were other ways to remove and replace a broken nail until I went to school.

What I wanna know is .... is there a board like this somewhere in cyberspace for NSS people to share their knowledge?? LOL..imagine a board with threads for tips on how to remove broken nails with nail tips, or how to file using efiles that leave the dreaded rings of fire. I know I am being facetious, but I often wonder if such boards exist out there.

Otherwise, think about it, how do they all do these awful things all over the world, the same way?? How does the NSS tech in my town do the same unsafe things the NSS tech in your town does?

Boggles the mind.
I don't think it's so much that they all share their unsafe tips and tricks it's just that they've had little or no training. One person, probably in a huge family, goes on a little backstreet training course and then teaches the rest of the family. They then open up a salon and call themselves nail technicians. Sorry if that sounds really harsh but that's how it appears to me.

Also, I've started to feel a little sorry for some of the non-standard 'technicians' (please don't shoot me :gun: ) I was talking to someone the other day who was actually assessing some non-standard 'technicians' for their NVQ (some of them are doing it!!!) and they tried to use an e-file. When they were told they couldn't use it and they had to use a hand file they were dumbfounded. They told the assessor that they had never been trained with a manual file and so thought that this was acceptable. They also had no knowledge of mma and it's dangerous effects. When the assessor explained everything to them their attitude towards fellow NSS completely changed. I would also like to add that their salon is completely MMA free now!

I don't agree with the use of mma in any way, shape or form but maybe these 'technicians' are just mis-informed. If this is the case they probably don't know that they're doing anything wrong.

Does anyone agree with me? Or do you all think that the fumes from all the NSS in Essex have fried my brain!! :D :D
You have a very good point Kelly, most of them are mis-informed.
But on the other note......why are they out there damaging peoples nails when they haven`t had adequate training anyway.......
I think whether they are mis-informed or not and language barrier or not, if they haven`t had proper training then they shouldn`t be working on the general public.
It is nice to hear training is being taken, we just need the rest of them to follow now and we`ll all be happier techs all round
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