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Jul 6, 2007
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I have recently come back into nails and have bought the brisa system, what are your thoughts on this system, how strong is the product in respect to acrylic, and any tips recommendations along with any tips on application
thank you guys:)
Hi Jenny, the best thing I would suggest is that you type "brisa" into the search bar and you will find loads of threads on the subject, My one main suggestion though is that you do some training in it, maybe on a 1 to 1 basis at your nearest acadamy, are you already creative trained?
no i have not done a training course only what i did at college which was a mix of systems x
It probably would be best for you to do a conversion course hun, as said before in previous threads all systems can be strong and durable, when done properly so it probably would be best to do the course and learn about the product you are gonna use and how to apply it the best way to get the strenght HTH xx
Here on the site there are 3 pages of Q and A's for Brisa in the Articles section.

Brisa is as strong as Liquid & powder. Easy to apply but a class is always a smart thing to do to learn to get thebest out of your product form those who understand it perfectly ... it doesn't make any sense not to take a class if you want the best from your purchase.

Brisa is different technology to other gels (as you will see when you read the Q's and A's.)

I presume you did not buy your product from the main distributor as you would have had all your questions answered when you purchased it as well as being offered a class???
no i did not buy direct from brisa can you recommend the best site and course to go on
Simple if your going to use creative products train with creative hun xx
thank you guys. How long are the courses and what sort of prices would i be lookin at, spent so much with setting up but want to perfect them. The one s i have done so far look great and keep getting phone calls from there friends which i was shocked at. Worried they will not last long though. Did a few sets just over a week ago and they still look as good as the day i did them.

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