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Jan 9, 2003
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Right. After a hellova lot more work... I have finally resurrected the quiz and it should be fully functional again (I promise this time).

Some things to be aware of:
  • These are the same old Q's from last year
  • I will update and add more once I am happy that everything is working OK
  • You must log in at instead of in order for it to work (ill fix that later)
  • Yes it counts down fast... thats half the freaking point. If you had 4 hours to complete, it wouldnt be any fun. The goal is to try to find the right answer in the fastest amount of time ;)
You can take the quiz by going to Site Stuff->Quiz

loved them all. Please do some new ones with maybe 15 seconds to read the answers!!

A little tooooooooo fast could do with maybe 15-20 seconds to answer i like to think before i click!
I think I might have a crush !!!!! Just got highest score on The nail Geek quiz!!!!
Ok loved the whole quiz idea BUT I think it needs 15 to 20 seconds for an answer the clock was starting on me before the page had even finished loading and I didn't get to read the whole question and answer choices before it closed.

Other than that Great Job :)
I Loved it

Keeps us on our toes


thanks for all your hard work to bring the quiz back I do love is just perfect!!
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