cuticle remover whats happening????


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Sep 16, 2003
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barnsley, south yorks
hi ya,

here we go again another silly question from a newbie. xx

I use creative cuticle remover to take off all non living tissue then soak nail with water and citrus soak, but i seem to be getting lots of lifting. to be honest i don't use anything on my own just buff natural nail. ( i would never do this on a proper client) but it's not like i'm gonna complain to my self. anyway i never get any lifting whats so ever on my own nails.and was wondering what else i could use what do u guys do, i use to go to a very popular salon where i live and she is just mowed out with customers. and r: U almost certain she just buffed nails. and i was always more than happy with her nails they were brilliant. maybe i'm leaving too many oils on nails although i'm very thorough with prep.
please help !!
You should keep the nail plate out of water before application of product. Use just enough to clean the plate of cuticle remover before using Scrubfresh. definitely NO soaking. Once you remove the surface shine the nail is even more porous than normal so soaking is out. Those nails just soak up water like a sponge.

Remember that nails must be squeaky clean and DRY before application.
Did you do Creative training?? Cause that procedure is not anything you would have been taught by a Creative ambassador.
Hi ya babe,
like Geeg said to much water................
This can be a major factor in lifting....yea you got rid of all non living tissue, but also added a huge amount of water to the nail..............

So first the nailplate is wet, even if it feel dry to touch..........
Second when you apply any product L&P, Fabric# or Gels, the bond you are aiming for is weakened, so lifting occurs............

Using a cuticle remover is a gentle way to exfoliate the nail plate, using a white buffing block is a bit like using a stick of dynamite to remove wall paper of a wall.........................Sure the paper come of but hey , take a look at the damage to the wall............... Gently does it!!!!!!
I use a tiny amount of cuticle remover, make sure all crappy stuff is removed, paying close attention to the side walls.......... pull the skin away just a little, crappy stuff likes to hide there too , then I use waterspray with a tiny amount of citrus soak in it , spray a little and wipe all remover off........ then scrubfresh a good 5 seconds per nail realyl rub it in to the nailplate, a little gentle stroke on the nail with a 1200 buffer (Koala) in the direction of nail growth, apply tips,scrubfresh again just on the nailplate and not the tip, let it all dry and then proceed with the nail service................

just a thought
love Ruth xxx
i'm so sorry i seem to have worded my first post kinda wrong when i said soak i meant to say wipe i'll start again. i use a little cuticle remover then remove non living tissue with a creative tool. then i have a bottle dispenser with clean water and about 3 pumps of citrus soak, which i put on a nail wipe and clean nail. then what i was doing was removing shine with koala buffer then scrubfresh then primer wait to dry then apply product. geeg yes i am creative trained but still very new and only done foundation and next step. i have creative video and watch it constantly infact its on now. i so want to get better.
anyway maybe i'm using too much cuticle remover, maybe i should use scrubfresh before koala then again after. thankyou nailsinlondon for your helpful advise x
The way you describe your prep is correct then, but make sure you do not have too much citrus soak in that water.

Sounds like your lifting may be another common problem which is not pressing firmly enough when you apply your product. Now this is a very common problem when technicians do their own nails, particularly when they apply product to their dominant hand.

Don't get yourself tied up in knots. YOur prep is fine if you are doing it as you describe. Just make sure you press that product onto the nail really firmly.
thanks yet again geeg for your help.

I think your right i haven't been pressing product firmly enough, I will get there eventually

thankyou janice x
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