Damage after enhancements removed??


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Aug 2, 2007
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Dorset, UK
Hi all,

I am currently training with NSI doing l&p ive done 3 sets so far! Not going too badly! :) Is much harder than it looks tho!

I have obviously been telling people I am training and mentioned it to my auntie that I was doing a course etc and she said she wouldnt want hers done because shes heard that they ruin natural nails....I also mentioned it to a friend who said the same thing :irked:

What should I tell them??

Are you enjoying your training so far?
Its suprising how many people will not have a set of enhancements because they think its the enhancements that ruin their nails. And as we all know, we are always having to correct people when they say this.
The fact is that its not the enhancements themselves that cause the damage, there are several things that cause the nail damage. It could be due to an inexperienced tech, overfiling the natural nail, electric files on natural nails, clients picking or chewing and them removing or pulling the enhancements off themselves (which inturn removes several nail layers with it, resulting in nail damage) And also the use of MMA.
Providing clients choose a reputable, experienced well trained nail tech she shouldnt have any natural nail damage.
I always explain the importance of aftercare, and adapting to use their hands differently. The use of cuticle oil as often as possible to keep the nails pliable underneath. It helps to print off your own aftercare sheets, so they can follow your advice when at home. A lot of clients think the enhancements are indestructable, and go away thinking once they are on thats it. They are not invincible and are enhancements of their own nails and once they realise they have to look after them, it begins to sink in. We hope anyway!!
Hi Nicki, Yes I am really enjoying my course, I did a one day pedicure course last week too which was great!

I know I am inexperienced but I am also very cautious when filing the natural nail, I did try to say to them that enhancements dont damage the nail if they are not used as "tools" and not picked and bitten off!

I will def look into printing off some aftercare sheets and i've just started using the NSI nuture oil - its lovely - so im suggesting it all my ginea pigs!!

Thank you for your advise
Oh no i wasnt aiming 'inexperienced' at you my lovely! and no doubt you are cautious and taking care. I find the aftercare sheets really help, when we explain all these things they should and shouldnt do, its a lot to take in especially if they are new to enhancements. Its just a case of reassuring them its not the actualy enhancements themselves that do the damage.
I can't really add anything to what Nicki has said, but the amount of people who think this is enormous! I'm thinking of having the answer to this printed on cards, cos I get sick of repeating myself!:green:

Or maybe I could make a recording and just play it to people!:lol:

Hope you're enjoying your training, hun. Keep us updated on how you get on.:hug:
the only damage caused to natural nails are bad nail techs (over filing, etc)and clients who don't look after there nails (biting, picking, breaking)...NO product just sitting there on the nail is going to harm them.
No more damaging to nails than nail varnish - which is not damaging at all is it. It doesn't "eat away" at the nail plate, so it can't thin it. Like said above, it just sits on the nail until it is removed. Remove it properly and your nails will be as they were when you had no enhancements on - or maybe in better condition due to the fact that the enhancement actually protected your nail whilst it grew down.

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