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Here I am!

and my children too!

It's a great idea and I have wanted to do it for a while but apparently you have to have the picture linked to a web site, right? :huh: Well that's the problem, don't have one. I have tried to make one of my pictures small enough for the avatar but I seem to have left that part of my computer knowledge with my last job. :oops: :D And just think they thought I was some sort of computer tutor :D :D :D I had them fooled for a couple of years. Anyhoo, any suggestions would be appreciated.


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Mar 15, 2003
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Just thought it would be nifty to see pics of everyone, in other threads I see some don't use them as avatars because of size also some like me just don't want to...lol...so post a pic here and let us see yer mug!!

lovely to put a face to the name Holly and what gorgeous children Mandi!! If you want to see Mr Geek, me and the boys - check out Geeky Families in 'chat' on page 2. That will help you!!! ;)
Just in case you missed it:


That should answer any of your questions about how to post images :)
Here's me and hubby, last year in August. Pre-Baby(well 2 months pregnant anyway), hence the old picture. LOL :oops:

Patti - handsome hubby too!!! How's the little sweet heart?? Hope all is well and you are having a ball with your baby!!! ;)
I can only post links...but...here is the nutter that is ME!


Some awful pics on there, and the first 2...no Im not a self loving poser :) I was participating in a catwalk show!

sexy chicha!!! lovely shots you mad woman!!! :thumbsup:
:oops: ;) Thankyou Samantha, yah sassy chicha!!

Me thinks you should get your lovely bio pic up here! ;)

Yep a great looking girl with a great personality and a great artistic talent!!!!!!!!!!!
love ya u nutter
love Ruth xxxx
Here we are
Nailsinlondon1 and nailsinlondon2 alias Ruth and Faye.
love Ruth xxx
Ruthie's big ass Gucci belt!!! you designer chick you!!! :thumbsup:
Lovely pic ruthy and faye!!

OMG look what I've found...you're gona KILL me for these girls and guy!!

Check out this link....




Oh Layla I remember it well.......It all started at Liverpool Street Station.........
That was the day we all rocked and schocked at Olympia.
Poor Samantha, poor Sam, poor Anthony Buckley, poor Kelly, poor Tracy she had to show us the Fabric# Demo right at the 6 o'clock finish, but she did a great job, but boy did we have fun.......................
Met up with Dawnie, Gem and Chris and Gina Wallace they are fab girls !!!!
Must do it again at Exel.............
love Ruth xxxx

We all gota wear "Geek Wear" clothes...Samantha...I'll be wearing my funkay you-know-what ;-) You better wear yours too!!!!

Sshhhhhh Layla -they'll know what you're talking about!!! :D That Pic of Sam is hysterical - he looks like he should be in the Sex Pistols or something - Billy Idol lol - bless you sweet heart - love you :tongue: :oops:
;) Chill Chicha ;)

Ruthy took that pic, lol! What a shot! Right in the middle of his well prepared speech ;-);-);-)

But hey chica, always blame the innocent by stander lol.
Well ok maybe not so innocent.............
Poor Sam, he never stood a chance, I came I saw I clicked.
Love Ruth xxxxxx
With a little help from my new friends I`m gonna try again to show you my little darlings.
The reason I get up every day...........


In case it works a huge thank you
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