Dark pink acrylic nails?


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Nov 22, 2009
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Hiya, I am looking to get some acrylic pink and whites done, and I am interested in getting a dark translucent pink with a very white tip. Does anyone know any nail system that has a very dark pink sheer colour that I could ask get my nails done with? I included some pictures
I would also absolutely love them to be slightly flared/duckfeet, and was wondering if anyone knows of anywhere in London or Surrey that does them?



:eek: dont take this the wrong way hun,but most tech's try not to do them like this :)
I think you will be best printing the photos and taking them with you so that you can show them what your after . CND do have a beautiful more intence pink , but im not sure if you will find a CND tech to do nails like quite like the ones in your photo, but as the client is always right you might :green:
Hahah I know what you mean.... but they have really grown on me! I like how different they are and they really appeal to me! I think the very dark pink with white looks unusual and nice as well. I think I will print out the photos and take them along with me, thanks!! : )
One way to get that type of look is to volunteer your services as a nail model at a beginners class. You might just strike lucky! :green:
LOL! Yeah you may be right though I've heard it said that they may of originated in that way! I do like them though, in pink and white, I think they have a south american feel to them !! What do you think about getting the almost red pink colour, I think intense pink was not as dark as that when I last had it. It can be any brand, opi, IBD , nsi, etc.
Is The girl in the pic is trying to bite them off?
Don't mean to be rude hun, but what do you like about them? They're awful. Lol. Looks like they have been flattened with a hammer:)
....is it April 1st
lol this thread makes me laugh, things are so different everywhere! The white that low is bugging the crap out of me, but the bright pink and shape are super popular where I am, which is NOT Jersey, lol. I wonder if that's like an intense pink with pink french polish over it?
Alright, alright, I understand that flared nails aren't techs most favourite things, but to each their own with they're tastes.... :)
Lol my new advice is move to Jersey
Okay I just painted my nails with conservative Trophy wife by china glaze... I really hope that you are satisfied now and are happy with what you have done!!
LOL j/k

Well I'm off to go research these nails and see if I can get some done!!! They look so good to me! (the top ones) Laters,
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