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Jun 21, 2004
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Hi Everyone,

I had a client in today who wanted her nails done for a special occassion, she didnt tell me what the special occassion was until she arrived, but she was going into hospital for some minor surgery, I told her that unfortuneatly i wouldnt be able to do her nails, as the doctors would need to put a blood pressure clip on her finger, she was ever so dissapointed, did i do the right thing here, I remember when I had a operation all nail varnish had to be removed, does anyone know whether this applies to nail extensions. I declined to do her nails just incase they were against hospital policy.

Claire x
yes you did the right thing. Not only is there the blood pressure thingey, but don't doctors look for blue around the lips and nails as an indication all is not well. I'm pretty sure they insist no nail polish and extensions - i think it goes hand in hand with taking out false teeth etc!!!

I too would have explained to the client about this, as you did, and suggest a nice set on once she gets out as a pick-me-up...after all if we look good, we feel good.
I recently had a fall and was taken to hospital. At the time i didn't have enhancements on (just varnish) , And when they put the clip on my finger it wouldn't work. So i would say although you can get away with it in some hospital, If there was a complication you could be at risk.
i have had clients go into hospital for surgery and they have left their nails on. (i had suggested she had them took off tho) she said that the hospital that she went to didnt mind at all that patients were nail extensions and that it didnt interfere with the blood pressure clips.
i recently had a client who went in to hospital for major surgery......she was told by the doctor that she could have her enhancements on just leave one off the index that they could see the colour of her nail bed throughout her op........she insisted on having her toes painted too!!! Any way her day at hospital came and she could'nt bear to part with one of her enhancements.....the hospital said this was fine but insisted on taking her toes polish of so that they could see th nail bed colour throughout the op........she was so devastated i had to go and repaint them straight after the op!!!!
I would have done them - toes work too!!!
Mrs Geek said:
I would have done them - toes work too!!!

Me too, stick it on the toe! :lol:
I had a new client a few weeks ago. She called in to make the appointment, she wanted her nails done because she was going in for a hip replacement. Some doctors are ok with it some not so we asked her to check. She called the hospital and they said it was fine.
Maybe a called to the hospital would have been a good idea and then asked if it was ok...........
Some Hospitals have a no enhancement policy some have not.............I would have done them though too lol.................
The pressure pad takes the reading from the finger pad not the nail............
The nail is usualy kept clear because they check colour changes I.E. paleness or blue look...................
Toes work the same way ...........
Lets hope it is nothing to serious, and you can always do her nails as a cheering up thing after the Op xxxx
Hi Everyone,

I think in future I will call the hospital to check policy, I just had visions of her soaking her fingers in acetone before op, but she has booked for when she comes out and as a goodwill gesture on my part I have given her a 10% discount.

Many Thanks

Claire x
I have had clients go into the hospital, and they didn't need to take of enhancements, or polish. I think every hospital IS different, and policies should be checked. I had a client go in for major surgery, and I painted smiley faces on her toes. She wanted to give the doc a little laugh.
I think you'l find is down to the hospital. One of my clients had to have her's taken off yet another client was aloud to leave her's on!
When I had my surgery doctors asked me to remove nail polish .... The only reason was so they will be able to see the colour of skin underneath nail plate (whether it is normal - pink, or if there are some problems during operation it will turn different colour because of blood pressure or else.... ) so I think if it will be false nails (they allways look like natural) but without nail polish - will be ok. But I am not a doctor and I am not the UK doctor.....
Hi Claire

In my opinion I think that you did the right thing. I appreciate that different hospitals may have different policies but calling the hospital there and then may not have been an option for you.

When I was in hospital recently I was givien a leaflet a couple of weeks before my operation. It explained what was to happen on my day of admittance and it did state that nail varnish or nail enhancements were NOT permitted. This is obviously for a very good reason, so that they check for any circulatory problems that may occur before, during and after the operation.

I am sure that she respects your judgement in this case and will be happy to rely on this professionalism in the future.

It was a nice gesture to offer a discount when she comes our of hospital, which I'm sure she will appreciate and hopefully will become a regular long-standing client.

Well done.

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