Desk lamp/light advice please?


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May 12, 2006
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Hi iv got a desk lamp that sits on my table and the arm extends with a day light bulb in it.I bought it from ebay last year but it had no table braket so i made it fit in an old one that sits on top of my desk but if i pull it over too far it will tip.
What light/lamp would be the best one to buy that clips to the desk and will strecth over the table please?
I saw this one on ebay cant upload pics sorry but the number is 320141022495 £15.99 + £5.99 P&P what do you think?

Or is there something simular i could buy online to deliver as we only have argos here in skegness or has anyone got 1 for sale please?
I have a look at the threads about lamps/lights but they seem to be old ones just wanted up to date ideas please.
Thanks for reading:hug:
I boight mine from House of Famuir at the Scottish Show it was about £22 and it was money well spent:hug:
Which one is it?
I have one similar to Martigirl and Tracey....they are great!

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