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Apr 28, 2003
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I have a client who cooks on open fires with girl guides!!!!!!!!!!
She always comes to me with really dirty, quite disgusting looking nails and goes home very pleased and chilled after a manicure.
I on the otherhand feel her nails could be a lot cleaner than they are when she leaves.
I have just bought nailbrite from OSNS and I wondered if anyone else has used it and what they think.
I also need MSDS on it and want to know where to find it
Products that do not contain anything that is potentially hazardous do not have MSDS. SolarOil for instance has no MSDS because it is not considered a product that is potentially hazardous ... I believe Nail Brite is similar.

Depending on how dirty the nails are. it may take 2-3 goes with Nail Brite to do the job thoroughly. THAT is why we retail the Nail Brite to the client.

NailBrite is a nearly 20 year old product that is still going strong because it does the job. Tried and tested and proved to do just what it sais it does.
Thanks Ruth but I have been there and its not on that list....
Geeg, I have MSDS on solar oil, and I thought it odd that there wasn`t one for nailbrite.....As for it being available for retail, won`t they come in more often for treatment if they can see a product working therefore spending more money with you in the long run......I say this because right now I want bums on seats and want to concentrate on that more than retail at the moment......Don`t have a lot of room for retail so have to give that more thought as to what I want to retail
Hey everyone

Have not heard of nail brite before? :( Can someone fill me in.

Nailbrite is a creamy slightly fine/gritty lotion that you use to clean under the nail. Apply wait a few minutes and the use the little nailbrush that comes with it and after a few times of use it brightens the underneath of the nails very nicely.
I dont think that retailing this will affect your bums in seat theorie Debbie,
it will just show the clients that you care what they do to their nails when not in your salon. That they can look great at all times, specialy if she is shoveling coal with her bare hands lol.
It wont stop her coming in for her regular nail treatment.
Case scenario would be................. You do her nails on Thursday, she is off out somewhere on Friday, but has dirty nails, shurley she wouldn't come just for you to wash her hands?????
But if she could just clean them herself she would think, Oh boy that Debbie was smart, fancy her thinking of that!!!!!!!!!!!!
Brownie point's, a client that thinks you are the best thing since sliced bread ( not that there is anything wrong with an uncut loaf) lol

Love Ruth xxxx
You certainly have a way with words Ruth, and just for the record its Girl Guides not Brownies, lol.
Its always great to have someone point out another perspective and as usual they are right, I`ll give it some thought but with so little room for retail I`m really unsure what to sell in my little bit of space
You certainly have a way with words Ruth, and just for the record its Girl Guides not Brownies, lol.
Lol Debbie you are as mad as me, but I never heard of girl guide points only brownie points................ then again I don't get out much lol.

As for the retailing space, you only need a little shelf. If you could see the retail area I got in my shop you would laugh, blink and you would miss it........ If it wasn't for me pointing it out to clients, very subtle I might add.

I take my pointers from the old fashioned barber shop, you know the phrase "Any thing for the weekend?" only with me it is " anything you need till you visit me again?

I make a note on their record card what they have brought from me in the past and then, with precise timing you know just before the polish goes on and the money comes out, I say "Oh I see you had bla-bla-bla
how did you like it?", do you need any more? or have you seen my latest (mention the item) and then say I thought of you when I saw that and thought you would love it!!!!

At them moment the Scentsation lotions are flying out the door, so is the Solar Oil. No you don't need a huge amount of stock.
Take your lead from the client's if they like something a lot, that you are using in the Salon, chances are they will buy it to use it at home.So those are the items you would retail.
I was very sceptical about retailing and thought what if no one buys it.......then I thought ............Well don't matter I will use it in the Salon, so either way the money invested wasn't wasted.

I will stop rambling now
hope this makes sense and doesn't sound like a know it all tale????
It's not meant to, I just get so passionate about my job that I can't help myself sometimes......SORRY......
Love Ruth xxxxxxxx
Well in the old shop i had very little space for retailing, so all my clients got used to ordering it in and then i would call them when it arrived. but now with the new shop may i add it is "a proper job" as one of my many mad clients says (yes she is mad but hey just like me thats why we do pizza after her evening visits)...............
i got called in to the office tonight to talk to chris and rick (they are the two that own the hairdressers) wanted to see how i was settling in , and they are having all ideas about me retailing and my word are they as hocked on the new scentsations as much as i am, rick calls the solarsilk his battenburg lotion. Chris loved the smell of MY vanilla shimmer......but hey it smells devine................reminds me i must get somemore nearly run out i use it soooooo much......
but i would definatly retail even with such a small space get stock keep it at home and take in what you need......... clients love it
love faye xxxxxxxxx
nailsinlondon2 said:
they as hooked on the new scentsations as much as i am, rick calls the solarsilk his battenburg lotion.

THAT is a riot!!!! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
i know it is such fun working there i feel like i am part of everything now and i feel like i belong now also took the step of getting my hair dyede bright red lol steve(they other half) says i am not to stand new traffic lights to long...........................
well just so you know i am shimmering at the moment :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
Can you feel the passion is this room????????
I feel really passionate about my job too, but there are so many wonderful creative products that I really am in a quandry over what to retail. Solar oil is a must I know that, but those creations lotions are so vast where would i draw the line and as I don`t use them in a manicure I`m inclined not to buy them in just yet, but being in a shop is all so new to me I am in dire need of sorting out with this retailing.
I do believe it will be covered in the next step class which I will be attending at the end of the month, that`ll help
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