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Jan 12, 2003
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Cardiff, Wales

My friend has asked me if I would put some extensions on her nails, which Im happy to do. Problem is, her left arm is disabled. She has erbs palsy, which means that all her nerves in her upper arm are ripped from when she was born. Her left arm is out of use. She chews her nails on her left arm though (i've told her enough times to stop!!), and because the arm has a disability, the nails are very brittle and soft and come off very very easily. She gets really depressed over this, which is why she wants extensions on.

She wants me to put extensions on both hands...but I really dont know what to do about her left hand...some of her fingers dont even have nails!!

Can someone please help me?!!

Sorry Layla,

I do not mean to sound negative here but I dont think you should put extensions on your friend at all. You need to research her condition in great detail and wait until you have done your training before making an informed decision. When all is said and done you will not have any insurance and what happens if you cause irreparable damage to her already damaged nails.

I know this is not what you want to hear but I think you need to have a lot more information before progressing.

No No thats fine!! I was very dubious about doing her left hand :? . Im happy to do her right hand as her nails are fine on that and theres no disability in her right arm and hand. I've done nail for her right hand before but not her left hand, and I know that she glues nail tips onto her left hand anyway :? I really dont want to be responsible if anything happens to her left hand!

Hi Layla,
To make sure just ring your surgery and ask to speak to someone, to find out about contra indications.
As it is a birth defect ,brachial plexus injury (Erb's Palsy) is a nerve injury. The nerves that are damaged control muscles in the shoulder, arm, or hand. Any or all of these muscles may be paralyzed.
I would find out if she is taking any medication. Normaly not, usual treatment would by physio and muscle stimulation.
So I think she would be ok for extensions. but check it out anyways, better safe then sorry eh !!!!
yup Ruthy ;)
I know she isnt taking medication. Her disability was caused during birth - her arm was caught and the doctor rudely pulled her out causing the arm nerves to rip :( So her disablity wasnt caused in the womb.

I'll ask her about if she knows the safety etc of it and shall ask her to check with her doctor...or seeing as im going to mine soon (damn medication..its supposed to make u BETTER!! Not give you mooore illness!!) I'll ask mine ;) ;)

Laystar, did you say some of her fingers don't even have nails?? do you mean really bitten little stubs or absolutely no nail???

I did'nt know you could put extensions on with absoutely no nail? What on earth does the tip adhere to???
her skin! Not actual extensions....you know - those fake nails u get than you just glue on. I told her she shouldnt...but...she doesnt listen! Just like she doesnt listen when I tell her off for biting them off! How can people do that?!!! :pukeoff:

Always have a DR's written permission when working on a condition that is questionable. As far as sticking nails to skin and no nail... Wont work for any length of time, and you could risk a bacterial infection.

Id avoid it even though you would make her day by doing it.

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