Disinfecting mask brushes


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Oct 9, 2013
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Hi Ladies. I've done a search but can't seem to find an answer to how to disinfect mask brushes. I clean them with warm soapy water, the same ado do with the bowls. But how do I disinfect them?
I don't use them for that very reason.I use my fingers you don't waste your product then either.
I guess if you are using a very active mask you will have to use a brush sure someone else will pop along in a bit and tell you their way.
I had considered that too. I'm really new to this (still training).
I don't use one for that reason...
.... I dont use sponges either as prefer hot mitts to take mask of with as I put them in the washer on a 60 wash ...


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Instead of disinfecting, I actually prefer the idea of disposable mask brushes but they can be scratchy and rough. When my daughter and I trained with Nouveau they suggested using disposable makeup brushes (like blusher brushes) as they are soft and you can just throw them away after one use.
Thanks for the replies. All good ideas! xxx
Thanks for the replies. All good ideas! xxx

I wash mine with Anti bac soap then spray them with hospital grade sanitizer, I have never had a problem with mine, Although I do change them quite regularly as they are not expensive.
I use disposable brushes for applying masks and disposable towels for product removal.
Not a fan of mask brushes, seen a few manky ones in my time. If I had to use one I would clean it with antibac soap and spray, rinsing before use. The problem is damp brushes sitting around can harbor bacteria, which I why I always use my fingers to apply masks x

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I disinfect mine by washing them in soapy water then soaking them for about 15-20 minutes in water with a couple drops of lavender essential oil. It's a natural antibacterial :)
I don't use brushes either, I use a folded in half cotton pad as can throw it straight out, barely costs anything an it's still nice an soft on my clients skin :) xxxxx
My makeup brushes are washed in hot soapy water (not soaked due to damage) rinsed, dried and then spray sanitised with a brush sanitizer.

I see no reason why this cannot work for mask brushes. Never had a problem.

My sponges and facial towels are washed in the washing machine with towels on 60 minimum.
I think I'll try using a spray sanitiser as suggested. I love this forum...so much knowledge to be gained x
I wash mine in hot soapy water (but I don't soak to extend to life of them), rinse, shake off excess water and thoroughly spray with methylated spirit and allow to dry.

This compound can be used to disinfect medical instruments, hands and skin before small surgical interventions, including removing a splinter or draining a blister. It can also be used to disinfect the skin before injections.
Fab advice. Thanks!
Anti-bacterial wash, rinse, Milton's solution, rinse really well.
That's exactly what I do dandelionpoppy!

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