Do I have to buy a Fakebake spray tan machine to buy their solution?


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Apr 26, 2012
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What does everyone think of Fake Bake? It isnt mentioned much on there a reason why?? Just deciding who to go with and what spray machine to get! Help x:confused:
Hiya if you do a search on fake bake you'll find a lot of threads about them.
I've never used them personally but a lot of people have been left unhappy with their customer service and having to wait for long times for deliveries.
You can use any brand of spray tan with any machine xx
Hi, I will definately have a doesn't sound good! What a minefield..thanks so much for your reply x x
I know it's really difficult but if you contact different suppliers for samples and try them out for yourself you'll find one you like.
Basically you want a solution that is a reasonable price for you to buy, has a good colour/ range of percentages, has a good wear off and then other things like smell, retail products , etc.
With regards to the machine you want one that will meet your demands, if you will be doing a lot of tans back to back then the TS50 will be the one for you, but there's lots of threads on machines for you to check out.
You can train with any company, buy any machine and use any brand of solution. Train with a reputable company and shop around for the best deal.
You can get samples from most companies once you've done your training xx
Oh that's great..really helpful. I think I will go for the TS50, still have to decide on brand ! xx
And check the training is covered by your insurance! Don't assume always call and check.

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