does anyone French polish Nail Ext's with nail polish rather than use white tips?


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Oct 20, 2007
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Hi geeks

Just wondering if you have a client who wants nail ext and a french manicured finish, but may want a colour on them in the you

a. use L&P or gel with pink and white or white tips as she can always cover the white with a dark colour
b. apply a plain nail using your chosen system and french polish with nail varnish, that way it can be removed next time and a colour applied if preferred
c. something else..and if so what?

cheers guys and gals
I never use enamel or white tips to achieve a French on enhanced nails, only white gel.

I have NNO clients who have a clear overlay and then coloured enamel (not white).

If you're using a good quality brand of enamel then covering a French free edge shouldn't be a problem, unless of course it's a very pale colour you're using, but that usually looks lovely over a French :D

hth's a bit
i have quite a few customers who i polish french on enhancements. they feel it gives them a bit more versatility. some of them dont want french all the time and would like to wear them completely natural sometimes. plus then if they just want a subtle shimmer or a pale neutral shade of polish then theirs no worries that the french is going to show through.
I too have a couple of NNO clients whom occasionally like a French polish but generally I use White gel if not sculpting or tipping.
I am currently wearing French p&w sculptures, but spookily enough I painted on 2 coats of OPI nail polish today and they look fantastic! Nothing shows through at all. :)
i have a few clients who have enamel over there enhancements...some colour and some lasts longer on enhancements than natural nails, most of my colour enamel clients still have it on after 3-4 weeks....just looking a bit worn at the free edge....thats why its great to then retail them the colour so they can touch up at home. x

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