Does anyone have two seperate careers/businesses?


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Jul 31, 2005
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West Yorkshire
Sounds like a silly question but do any of you have two careers;one being nails/tanning beauty and then a completely seperate business/job?

I've been doing this 7 years now and would like to carry on but also like to do something different.

Would love to hear if you have two careers/businesses/jobs!
Well I USED to be a chef, so I taught people recovering from mental illness to cook as a full time job, then I did home visits for massage and I taught at a local college, all at the same time.

I also used to work in a bar whilst training to do the therapies.

I now do complementary therapies as my full time job, but under that title, I teach in the community, do health promotion days, do talks/demos, baby massage courses, freelance work and now rent 2 rooms to do hands on therapies.

I like to do a variety of things although all with a complementary therapy theme. Sometimes I get booked to do student balls, which I get booked to work 11pm until 3am, now that IS diverse!!!
Sounds like a silly question but do any of you have two careers;one being nails/tanning beauty and then a completely seperate business/job?

I've been doing this 7 years now and would like to carry on but also like to do something different.

Would love to hear if you have two careers/businesses/jobs!

I have more than 2 jobs - (silly me) !!!!!! :rolleyes:
My first and best paying job is working over 30 hours a week on a permanant part time basis (I get holidays and sick/carers leave), as a car spare parts enterpreter (this is a trade)........:lol:
My second job is my nails - of which I do from home mostly - or if my client prefers I can go to there place.
In my third job I am contracted to read gas meters
Fourthly - I am a married mother of a nearlly sixteen year old girl and a 2 & 1/2 yr old son )which I beleive is the most tiring and fullfilling of all my jobs - this being before housework and shopping and everything else we have to do lol !!!!
I love my first job, after all its a blokes world in the car industry lol - funny enough though, I leave my business cards on the counter and actually get alot of business through this - and of course people comenting on my nails.
Alot of my clients ask why I do this as a first job, as they would prefer me doing nails. But I think I would get bored working in a salon all the time.
Variety is the spics of life as they say ! You do what you feel is the right thing for you HTH !!!
I almost have two jobs. Firstly my husband and I have a business which operates cranes on the wharf and construction sites and we also have a heavy haulage side to the business which lifts and shifts over sized loads ie houses, big machinery etc. We employ 2 full time staff, I work in the admin side of the business about 30 hours a week and also do piloting of the oversized loads when required.

My second job is my nails; which is "very" small time at the moment, but I am hoping to grow slowly as I become more skilled. At present I would probably only average about 8 hours a week doing nails at home. Does doing so few hours count??
I do! I am an accountant for Costco Wholesale. (a foods / housewares / business supply) I've been working for Costco for almost 11 years. I have vacation, sick leave, bonuses and Healthcare benefits at Costco which is wonderful. I went to school in late 2004 to be a Nail Tech and completed in March of 2005. I've been balancing both jobs since then. I started first doing a traveling business, going to peoples homes. I then worked for a Day Spa for two years then in September I started booth renting at a salon. I haven't yet been established as far as my clientele; but I'm getting there. With the extra income and benefits taken care of by Costco I feel I can focus more on quality with my clients as opposed to quantity. I don't feel pushed to make as much money as possible. I love to pamper my clients and really give them a wonderful experience.

Working two jobs is a constant juggle and sometimes the stress at one can definately affect my work at another. I don't have kids or a boyfriend and I pretty much eat and breathe work. I work 7 days a week and 3 of those are over 10 hour days. A must for that crazy lifestyle is each healthy and make sure you work out regularly to maintain energy.

Good luck. It's a hard decision.
Thanks for your replies!

I asked cos I got a job in childcare starting shortly, I love kids and my first priority is my own, however since having my second child I've found I want to concentrate on being a mum and stay at home and look after my little baby and my 4 year old. (think it is a mothering thing I was like this last time til my son was 18 months old).

So my job in childcare will allow me to look after my kids as well as others which is nice.

I'm not downing tools with my beauty business which I only do about 10 hours a week, some weeks none!

Will still do part time work but one day will go back to it full time and do more beauty, holistic and healing work maybe move into counselling one day..

I'm sure I will be tired at the end of a week after looking after kids all day but on the other hand I love my beauty work and it gives you time away from home to do the thing I enjoy most.
I've got two jobs. I work part time as a support worker at a home for people with mental health problems.
I also work from home (& soon mobile) as a complementary therapist.
Both jobs work well around my three children and they seem to compliment each other.
wow you guys are so busy....i did work at Next and do nails at weekends and evenings, but i could earn more per hour doing nails full time so left Next.
Well! Until the 31st October 2007 I worked full-time as an IT Manager for a manufacturing firm in Birmingham. I was building my business part-time and now those three arms to my business are now a full-time career!

The main two arms are my massage / waxing treatments and I am also a website designer / programmer working on several projects. Then to add to all this I am also involved in a Network Marketing firm which I really enjoy, the products are great and its just nice to help people.

So at the moment I am soo busy doing soo much I wonder why I waited!! But I do love having the variety of work.
I have 2! I work 3 days a week in a local hair and beauty salon doing nails, and 2 days in a lingerie shop in town as a bra fitter/sales assistant!!!

have been at the bra shop 3 and a half yrs and have just reduced my hrs to be at the salon more - which hopefully will be a full time thing when i have enough clients!
right from the start I have juggled driving jobs with nails and from Jan this year I stopped nails to concentrate on National Express, because they made me a supervisor, but this last week I have come to the conclusion that I miss nails to much to let them go, so I'm going to start up my home salon and see if I can reach a point where i can reduce the coach hours........ I won't say stop, not yet, one step at a time.
i do nails, hand painted crafts (actually, i'll paint anything!), face painter, drawing, One Stroke Painting and glass painting at Michaels Crafts.
i also have a husband and two kids.

...i'm pooped!

My Nails Rock!
I have 2 jobs until this thursday.
I have been running a sucessful decorating business with my step dad for six and a half years. I have been doing that all day and then nails in the evenings since I trained in May. Thursday I leave to concentrate on nails and then off to a salon 1st dec.
Me too i have 2 jobs, myself and my partner run a family business supplying mobile cranes and labour for new builds, also property maintenance and other construction releated work, i run the office side during the day while he and the rest of the work force is out on site, and then at evenings, some weekdays and weekends i do nails, i love doing nails more than anything and one day would like to take it on full time, at the moment though i am enjoying being really busy and having the contrast of the two jobs. xx
Oh yes, I had my first day at a travel-agency today! I earn 4 times (per. hour) more when doing nails and I have as much clients I want to, BUT I have always wanted to work at a travel-agency! I got the opportunity some weeks ago, to work part-time at the travel-agency next door to my salon, and I just couldn't say no. I will have to work 12 hours days some days in the week, but I have talked with my husband and our son, and we are all prepared to try this out. After my first day today, I am soooooo happy I tried it out, I feel very lucky to do the two things I love, nails and travel. :)

I have 2 1/2 jobs. I teach & support students with SpLD at the local college. I do nails weekends and evenings for friends and friends of friends. Last, but not least, I do the accounts and ordering for my husband's business.

Variety IS the spice of life, allegedly! :eek:
I think its nice to have a variety of things happening, I get bored doing just beauty - I've done it so long and nearly full time at points it just becomes slightly boring but now I do it part time I really put my heart and soul into it.

Looking forward to my new job in childcare with slight trepidation, it's very hard to imagine what a day will be like looking after kids..

Anyway trying not to think and worry too much. lol!!
hi i have 3 i work in a salon doing nails and beauty also training to be a hair dresser and also have a removals and proerty service and ok dont slap because im the nice kind. ** a property develpoer and landlady**:)

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