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Who does your nails?

  • I do them myself & they are great

    Votes: 372 54.8%
  • I do them myself but I'm not proud of them

    Votes: 139 20.5%
  • Another nailtech / friend / mum does them

    Votes: 77 11.3%
  • I don't wear enhancements

    Votes: 91 13.4%

  • Total voters
Natural nails are for me -rings drive me mad on my fingers and the same with enhancements - l constantly fiddle with them :shock:


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Aug 13, 2003
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Penryn, Cornwall
does anyone have any good ideas to help when doing your own nails. My left hand is OK - reasonable smile lines. The right is less than perfect. Not to the point of painting over them, but not good enough for me. We are so busy that to do each others is not really an option.

My side walls are very deep which is making things more difficult - if it were a client I could hold them out of the way when needed, but the fact that I am not an octopus precludes me from doing this on myself.

Any ideas??
i do my own nails, when i have time!
i love to have a play with my coloured acrylics all bright and glittery!
and its a fab advert for design nails!

when i do my own nails i sometimes need help applying forms and shaping of the free edge- thanks goes out to Karen who i work with :D
if you sculpt your nails and like to have your c curves pinched then ya gotta get a set of pinching tongs (Ez flow Sani tongs) from they are a god send and have made pinching so much easier on clients and myself

with applying nails to yourself have you tried using tape on your fingers to hold the skin back?- i really can't think of anything right now but if i do i'll let you know as im sure many others will too

sawasdee kha

I do my nails i can do but next week i let my sister do my nails because then she can learn and i can sit and look everything she do .

Now after look internet i a little bit scare about having my nail done in another shop i know my product good and everything my shop clean and i can no have problem .

Kop khun kha mui
Sparklepink said:
if you sculpt your nails and like to have your c curves pinched then ya gotta get a set of pinching tongs (Ez flow Sani tongs) from they are a god send and have made pinching so much easier on clients and myself

I second that. They are very cool. In fact... so cool that I am now building upon the design for myself. ;)
I do my own nails, left hand is not a problem, but the smiles on my right hand are not all that good. Still I love airbrushing them or using coloured acrylics, people always notice them :D
I do my own tips and use Fibre Glass - ummm.... quite difficult, but love the challenge! I would not want anyone else doing them! :D

I spend hours on doing my own nails - I love creating different designs on them :D I have not quite mastered the airbrishing yet!!! :(

My friend is not so keen on bright and different designs on her finger nails, so I practice on her toe nails - they look great!

Lynn 8)
hiya :D
ella, you said that you were all too busy to do each others nails.
i know what's it's like, but the 1 thing i make time for is having my nails done. i'm very lucky that manda who does my nails is v. good &!
i have to know that my nails r in good condition at all times as i could get called away on a job at v.short notice. :shock:
if i had to do my own nails, it would take twice as long :shock:
lol liza xx
my mum used to do mine and I kinda miss that :oops: :oops: but now Diane Plummer (Di) does them - she is the one who created my Ruby Reds and she's fab... if the Geek does them, they are always gorgeous but we always end up arguing :twisted:
I am very picky I guess and it drives him and Geeg nuts!!! :rolleyes:
I have done my own nails for 15 years!!!

But I have to say that since using the Fabric# system (for the last 2 years) I do find that it is the easiest and quickest thing to do on my own nails as everything is applied like polish. If applying Liquid and powder enhancements to yourself is proving difficult and time consuming then I suggest you try Fabric#. Great way to practice the system as well as getting to know how it performs.
Well I have just taken off my l&ps today and wias going to try and keep them long naturally - but I have a real life and I doubt very much this will work for me. The fabric idea sounds a good one. If I sort it this week I wouldn't even need tips!!!

Can I buy a trial kit from Creative for this? I could try it out on myself for now then plan to do the training in the new year - what do you think? How many sets / fills would a try me kit do?

Thanks everyone.
hi all

I have always done my own nails it takes some practice to do your own but worth it in the end :D

guess i don't want to pay anyone else when i can probably do a better job myself ;)
ella said:
Can I buy a trial kit from Creative for this? I could try it out on myself for now then plan to do the training in the new year - what do you think? How many sets / fills would a try me kit do?

Yes you can buy a trial kit. In my opinion though, the salon starter kit is MUCH better value and comes in easier to use containers. I'm sure others will back me up on that.

How many sets in a trial kit ... guess ... 25
Hi there guys
Would there be any chance that geek could do a tutorial on the fabric# I have just purchased the try me kit practiced today on my friend sarah not bad but i found it difficult to apply the fibreglass also i had a go with the silk this was a little easier but still tricky.Once i master it it will be alot easier than L&P even on myself. :)
Well I do my own nails..................
I have done for the last 12 years and love it ...............
I use Fabric# most of the time now, as its fast and very L&P in the final result, appearance wise....................

But since having trained with L&P I love doing that as well, I figured if I can do all systems well on my nails, then I can do them on anybody lol .............................

The only system I don't do a lot on my nails is Gel .............. I honestly don't know why, just a preference for Fabric# and L&P I guess.........
Mostly I am my own guinea pig, and try out all sorts .............

My clients love that and always want what I have on................
The latest is, Glass Tips with FOREVER WHITE nail art.............and yes that little hint of glitter or is it glamour lol................

The only other person that I would let her do my nails is Faye, she knows what I like......but she is always so busy................
Like Samantha I am fussy ............... lol.................

love Ruth xxxxxxxx
:) I've been a nail tech now for 3 years and i do my own nails, i must say they are perfect and i get a lot of comments on how natural they look. Practise makes perfect thats my advise.
since finding Fabric# I must say that doing my own has been less of a chore.............I did however succumb and I allowed sum else to do them before I got married in the Summer.

NEVER AGAIN!!!! :( :(
I feel safe in my own hands!!!!!!!

Geeg's points are spot is soooooo easy to do your own with Fabric#!!!!

I find it's not so much applying the product to myself, it's when it comes round to doing a rebalance :oops: My left is fine, in fact a piece of cake you might say. However, the right is just a nightmare and I end up filing into the natural nail no matter how careful I am :? Oh and the other thing, because I hate doing a rebalance on myself, if I'm not careful I end up thinking I'll just do it tomorrow...........yeah, and we all know about tomorrow :rolleyes:

Dizzy Dellie
Hi Jess, I also have invested in a set of those Sani tongs, thanks to a day with Ez Flow, they are great for pnching in the corners of tips (if they tend to stick out) as you apply them and also for picking up nail art diamantes.
I always 'do' my own nails as I don't know anybody that lives near enough to do mine, but if money and distance wasn't an issue I would just love to have Tom Bachik do them, I would watch and learn at the same time. That man's nails are to die for!
He's kinda cute too!

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