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Oct 29, 2003
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Poole, Dorset
Hi again, yes I am on question day today, get little spurts of questions every now and then sorry.

Ok the creative solar range, I have a small problem, although I like the products and am aware that they wprk as it is obvious from the cuticle oil and rapid growths from all whom have used this, however I have also recently purchsed the solar butter but I do not like the smell, it reminds me of marzipan and I can not stand marzipan yuck yuck and yuck. I had a client who came today who also did not like the smell for the smae reason.

I asume the whole solar range smells the same, the oil is ok, but what can you use instead of this solar range, is the spa range a good substitute even though I am aware this is a different type of service but has it a different aroma.

Help need help on this one.

Grace x
I'm the opposite, I bough Solar Butter just for that marzipan smell
The Spa Range smells lovely - orange and lemony smells - alternatively you could use the scentsations lotions - I choose a scent of the month and only use the Spa or Solar as a luxury treatment.

In saying that the strong almondy scent from the solar butter does not last too long but the moisturising effects last much longer LOL.
Perhaps I will order the spa manicure then and try that, just a shame about the solar butter because I really wanted the product because of moisture as you say for the lasting effects, but none of my clients or family like the smell.

Hey master Geeks could you think of doing the same range with a different scent, oh go on yes just for little old me :rolleyes: pretty please, lol.

Maybe I will get the scent sensations also and try that.

Grace x

i have both ranges in my salon and i must say they are both fab. I love the smell so no prob for me but for the clients that dont well they just have to pay the extra and have the spa. I must say thought that i have VERY dry skin and the solar butter is the only hand cream that cuts it for me.
Just my opinion!!!!
The smell only lasts but a few short minutes ..... can't you get over the issue for just a few short minutes and disguise your own reaction???

99% of clients will not have a problem with this at all.
I can understand you personally not liking the smell - we are all unique to our own likes and dislikes but I have to say that particualrly the Solar Range, the smell dissapates within seconds - that means it 'goes' and you can't smell it anymore!! There are of course plenty of alternative lotions to use and the Scentsations have lingering smells - just a thought - you can always sell something 'out the ying yang' when you believe in it so if you have Solar to sell, pretend for a while!!! :)
Well good news I had a client come today and I used the solar butter, she said she liked the smell, BONUS I was well pleased as I was starting to worry. Yes I can cope with the smell if it produces good results, which I am confident it will.

I am going to invest in the spa range I think too as I love the citrus smells and of course the sensations will be just fab. Thank you all for the advice I think I will plod on and get some more feed back from my clients introducing a few more scents like the citrus and go from there.

If the product works that is what matters

Grace x
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