dont need planning permission but need building regulations? help please!


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May 4, 2004
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I am wanting to convert an outbuilding in my garden into a treatment room. it basically needs plastering and insulating.

I have spoken to my local council and they have said i dont need planning permission but building regulations need to be followed.

has anyone else had this happen to them when doing this? i understand i have to fill out the form and pay £130 fee.

can anyone give me any advice/info on this?

Each council is different, although the planning regulations should be standard across the country. Your best bet is to call the Building Regs office, they are usually very helpful, afterall, without you doing this kind of work, they'd have no job to do so they need you too :lol:

They may want you to make an appointment to visit, but I'm sure they will be able to give you some starting info over the phone and probably website addresses for reference.

Good luck
I had mine built from scratch so as well as planning permission it included building regs from how deep the footings were to roof supports and insulation. Give the office a call but they may ask you to get plans drawn up (?). It's lovely working so close to home especially if a client DNAs as you can go and do something useful rather than sit in the salon waiting for your next client.

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