Ebay at its best LOL


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Fab way to get even.
Oh my sides r hurting from laughter.
(Not sure what this message will look like as I am laughing soooo much!)
Thanks for that Fiona.......I WAS feeling absolutely awful with a rotten throat infection, but golly.....thats a better tonic than my antibiotics could ever be!!!!

so funny, put it in my watch list so I can see the outcome!!!
thats ace i was lmao when i read that ,wot a funny guy ,
That's pure entertainment!!! Have you seen the hit counter now... more than 2.5m hits!! The news is spreading round the globe at a rate of knots!
Did you notice how high the bidding has got for it? Amazing, unless that's a joke too.

Best laugh Ive had in ages ... what a guy!!!

LMAO what a laugh, bless him felt a bit sorry for him.
Quality. Laughed So Much. Thanks. X
Now ...THAT's what I call FUNNY!!!!It took ages to read but that guy's got a real good sense of humour.. This could make him famous. :D
I am laughing so hard, wot a great guy! I am going through a yuky divorce at the mo and its given me some great ideas, now where did i leave my wedding dress?
Very very funny. I have emailed the page to family for a laugh
Cheers for it
I have not laughed soooooooooooo much in ages,thanks for posting this,i have already sent it to family and friends! Wot a fab guy can you imagine living next door to him,laugh a minute :lol: :lol: :lol:
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