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Sep 29, 2010
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Surrey, UK
OK I feel like I may be alone here but is anyone else SUPER EXCITED for Eurovision??

My friend has a party every year and we have food, drink and score cards.

I've just finished watching the first Semi that I taped last night and I am sad that the Social Network song didn't get through (San Marino) and Austria with their light up arses.

But I am very happy that the the boom boom Russian Grannies got through. And of course Jedward! Cannot wait for Saturday.

Anyone with me?? haha.
I'm so with you! I'm so excited! Wish I was having a party sounds like you'll have a great time. Everybody thinks I'm sad because I love Eurovision my mum has been making fun of me all week lol. I'm working all weekend but Eurovision will get me through I'm shutting myself away Satarday night. Bottle of wine, Chinese and Eurovision. Can't wait.
I haven't watched the semi-finals or anything I like hearing the songs for the first time at the final. It's the scoring that is my favourite part of it though haha.
I'm with you guys, watched it for the first time ever last night, and I thought it was amazing, can't believe I haven't made the effort before

It's just so gloriously ridiculous. I love it. And my friend gets excited about it at least 6 months beforehand!

This year's party is gonna be the silliest yet I think!
Yay! I'm so glad sum1 else shares my enthusiasm! Me and my friends have one every year, it's so exciting!

This year were all picking a country and bringing food from it! Then we'll do the scorecards etc and just generally have a wee party!

Katie x
ha that's a great idea (the food thing) - I might suggest that for next year.
I love it, but only because its rubbish haha.
Im glad others also share my excitement (and even more so as I didnt realise it was this Saturday!!!!!) as I dont know anyone who watches it.
Second Semi Final tonight. Woop!

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