Excel, London Sunday 7 September


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Mrs Gadget

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Jan 30, 2003
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Anybody going to the show on Sunday?

Have just sat and worked out my shopping list along with the suppliers I want to look at, cannot believe it's only 2 weeks away.

Jue :D
Hi Jue,

I should be there on the Sunday if my mate gets her finger out and books the hotel room :shock:

I will be heading straight for the Creative stand to stock up with lots of goodies. I then plan to get enough nail art supplies to take me well into 2004 as I will be in Florida whilst GMEX is on in October 8) .
Yes we will be there
Mother and daughter team as usual
Will also be competing, both of us in the same Category lol........
Virgins and using the FABRIC# system, Faye will use Fibreglass and I will use Silk............
So keep your fingers crossed
love Ruth
P.S. and then back on Monday to do some shopping there lol( as you do)
i will be there on sunday if i can work out the train times that is :D :D :D
I will also be there on Sunday!!

I will be either on the fabric stand or the Creative stand AND OF COURSE THERE TO SUPPORT RUTH AND FAYE!!

I would just love to meet any of our geek friends.
What time is your competition Ruth & Faye?

Perhaps we could all meet for coffee when you have finished.

The first place I am going is the CND stand of course!!! Need to stock up on some products.

Then I need to see about another 13 suppliers after that.

My shopping list at the moment is good but no doubt I may be tempted to buy more than is on my list.

Am well excited about it, can't wait!

Jue :D
hiya all
i am so looking forward to this show :D
im also competing as usual, but aswell as persuading ruth & faye to compete, my colleague in my salon has been "persuaded" as well :shock: !
ive also arranged to meet a few geekettes at the show
it would be so great if all the geekettes that r going to the show could meet up.
probably 1 of 2 places;
the v.i.p lounge, but that is only open to subscribers to prof. beauty, so we would have to have a poll on that 1.
secondly, lots of us will b at the awards ceromony which is usually held between 4 & 5. they will announce where & where on the day.
it is best that we avoid meeting on mass at the creative stand as the guys will b working soooo hard ( but im sure mr. & mrs. geek & geeg will love 2 meet you all, just not all at once :shock: )
what does everyone think?
lol liza xx
Its a great idea if we could meet up with fellow geekettes at some point in the day. I am a bit confused over the VIP lounge though, I was told there wasn`t one and that the gold card that I have will not be in effect there. If there is someone out there that can give me better advise that I have been given already then please do.
As for meeting fellow geekettes, if its anything like the Scratch do people will see me but I won`t know them, please stop me and say HI
it's only at Olympia that they have a VIP lounge :!: But yes we would love to meet you all and Anthony Buckly will be demoing on the EZFlow stand too so don't miss him out! I am sure he would love to meet you all. ExCeL has some great 'eateries' outside the exhibition hall and there are plenty of sitting areas too! That might be the best place to meet!!

I am so glad that Geeg will be there too, great opportunity for you all to meet an industry legend!! :oops: ;)

I am here wishing Ruth, Faye, Liza and any other competition entrants lots of love and luck and skill!! Most of all relax, have fun and enjoy!!

See you ALL Sunday x
What time would you recomend getting to excel and are the parking facilities good or should i just catch the DLR.
hiya :D
you asked what time is best to arrive at excell, the only answer is EARLY!
all of the main stands will b heaving by mid-day, mayb even earlier :shock:
as for the parking, last year we were really impressed. :D
because of its location(the city) its really easy to get to, especially from kent.
you park right outside :D
if, however you r going on the monday, this is a completely different kettle of fish :? the traffic on mon. morn is a nightmare.
so, if your going on sun. drive & go early, & if you r going on mon aswell stay overnight(any excuse for a jolly :fire: ) , or go by train(early!)
hope to see you there
lol liza xx
hi all

Just wanted to ask if you are all still wearing your geek t shirts i for one will be (and thong of course :shocker: )

:D :D
Well my fellow Geekettes...I shall be chinging around with Dawnie and Caroline so dont be scared to come over and say Howda!!

And yep, Im gonna be fashioning a Geek top..well im doing my own, dont think you'll be able to miss me in it, jus look out for pink'n'glitter haha! Oh and of course, THE Thong will be worn too. With pride ;) :!:

Cya there :D Cant wait to meet you :)

Right Guys and Gals,
We will be there about 9.45-9.30 am to register and then will get a briefing and then heck I dont' t know lol never done this before ...........

But it will be great to meet up with all after the Competition.............we will have to wait for the results.............thats when you will find me in the loo having a wobbly lol........................

Who is going and who is wearing the geek gang t-shirt ????? For the Competion I will be wearing uniform and a nervous smile lol..............

So who is printin the t-shirts ??? Do we have the grand geeks permission for this one off printing affair ????
Ok must dash , so little time and so much to do......

Thanks to all for the support, we had a pretty lousy couple of weeks and this is the tonic we need................

love Ruth
I will be there Sunday I will be driving the lovely crazy Caroline should be interesting as she is navigating I am driving and cant take me eyes off the road to lip read :shock: never mind we will prob end up in Scotland :D
Oh happy days
But one thing is for sure I will be there to support my m8 Ruth (good luck babe)
Hope to meet some of you on the 7th
Take care Dawnie xxxx
Hi ya

Yeah i think i will park there, should i aim to get there for about 9.30 it opens about 10 ithink or should i aim to get there earlier. This is my first time i have been to Excel so i dont wanna miss out on anything.

:D :D
9.30 is fine.
i cant remember if the doors open at 10 or 10.30, as im always there early to register 4 comp.
you will b sooo glad that you went early
hope to see u there
lol liza xx
is london soooo much beter than manchester show? i live in yorkshire so manchester is much easier to get to but ive now read that antony buckley will be in london anyone know if hes in mamchester aswell ireally do need to see some good coloured acrilic also need to be on the creative stand of course also bet geeg wont be at manchester that could really sway me any advise as this is my first sunday will be quieter re traqfic but monday will be quieter on stands i suppose[/b]
Good luck to Ruth and Faye, Ruth with your wealth of knowledge on nails I am sure you will be fine. Looking forward to meeting members of this board. (even though I am a shy person) :oops:
I cant wait to meet everyone, it will be wicked talking to fellow creative nail techs.

Take care

Cazza :D :D
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