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May 12, 2003
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Today a Lady brought in her little girl for her nails painting, she mentioned to one of the lads I work with that she is throwing a party for her in October. He mentioned that I do Childrens Nail art and Face painting.

She got very excited about this and now she wants me to do it. I have read your posts on the nail art parties, but now I need to know if anybody offers face painting as well.

She wants a normal childs party with me as an extra in case the weather lets her down. There will be 15 children approx, and she wants them all to have their faces painted and then Nail art for the little girls.

I called a couple of places to get an idea of prices, but they only offer Face Painting and Balloon modelling for £60-£70.

Would you do a set cost for the party or charge per child? Can anybody give me any more information mainly on the face painting aspect and the pricing?

(I know this is a nail board, but it kind of ties in together! Sorry! :oops: )
hi you might want to do a search
nail art party have been discussed
a few months ago :D
and there were loads of ideas

dont know about the face painting though :?
Yeah, I've done a search and I have printed out everything so that I can sit and read through it, but there was nothing about set charges per Party or Face Painting. :(
I'm just hoping somebody can help. (Thank You though :) )

I think it sounds exhausting, but great fun eyesore I would say around £5 -£6 per child, although obviously I am not sure of the costings in your area, and of course the lads would not want there nails painted! Well maybe a few might huh

That's just my opinion! lol

Sue x
You never know, they may be some future Samuel Sweets, my nail art may inspire them to be amazing nail technicians, like his auntie did! :D (I think it was his auntie?) :?

My mum does face painting :-D She works at the local pre-school, and when they do their fund-raising events, she does the face painting, and I do the nail painting :) And I've done facepainting myself, on a few occasions.

If you can do nail art, Im sure you can do face painting!! You can find face paints complete with step-by-step books in artshops, and they aren't that expensive either. To face paint you basically need face paints, brushes (my mum uses normal artists brushes, ranging from normal to thin detail ones), and sponges - you can use makeup sponges!!

Have a looksy in your local art shop, and get practising!!

As for pricing, my mum charges about £2-3 per child.

If you need anymore help, just PM me or email me ;-)

As a mum I would think that if you charged about 4 pounds per child that it sounds reasonable , but then I wondered about the time factor?? how long would it take to paint a face and do nail art?? I guess Layla may have a better idea about that! perhaps 5-10 minutes??

good luck with it!
A friend of mine had a nail and hair art party for her daughter a while back. (Its not something I relish doing, hence I didn't do it)

There were two ladies. One to do spray glitter and plaits etc. The other to do nail art.

She was allowed a max of 10 girlies and was charged £100 for the hour.

Blimey - I thought, maybe I should reconsider !!!!

Seriously though, I did think it was a bit steep but she was a happy mum and so was her daughter as she had a relatively different girlie party.

Go get em 8)
Mandi said:
how long would it take to paint a face and do nail art?? I guess Layla may have a better idea about that! perhaps 5-10 minutes??

good luck with it!

It depends on what face paint design you want...to paint the base, well thats easy, just blot the face with a sponge using the colour. Then paint on the design!! For example...doing a tiger design....

You'd paint the face orange using a makeup/facepaint sponge (I find it easier to BLOT on the colour rather than paint it on with the sponge). Then taking a thin brush, dip it in black f.paint, and paint on the tiger stripes, then add a creamy/pink colour to the end of the nose, forming a circle, and outline it in black. Add creamy accents to the eyelids. If you get a book with the face[paint, or if u buy one, you can copy it straight from the book onto the face.

To do designs like this, it takes me roughly 15 mins. But make sure you practise before hand!! And DO get a book or even find designs on the net and print em out!

those discounted book shops usually have books/pints for about 4 pounds..i got one for my girlies.. but i know in the larger town near me there is a fancy dress/joke shop that does face paint... my sis in law works at playschool and does the face painting at school/preschool/playschool fete's she charges about 2.00 but this is for a 'charity/fundraiser type thing' i charge 5.95 for mini manicure nail art And an organza bag filled with nail file/polish/key ring/105 vouchers for mums/dads for a manicure and price lists i know that is soooo cheap but trying to get their mums bums LOL through the door of my ickle home salon.
i would charge about 4,oo as ..umm ..someone up there said (soz) for the face painting and 4.00 nail art.. they are only kids after all.. make sure they all get up with your pricelist in their grubby little mits.. any way that is just a 'total of top of my blonde head price'
good luck
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