Exercising Whilst Pregnant...Your Views


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Feb 14, 2004
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Afternoon Geeks!

Firstly I promise not to spend the next 6 months full of baby talk!!!!!

Secondly, onto my question!!

what are your views on exercising whilst pregnant?

i didn't need to do much at all really when I was pregnant with evie, I was a trim size 6...weighing 7stone 2lbs when i got pregnant and 8stone 2lbs when i gave birth.

i weigh 7 and a half stone at the moment with a growing baby so for obvious reasons weightloss is not my goal!
i just want to tone up the rest of my body a little...to get rid of my wibbly bits!!!

I walk 1 and a half miles to my mums (or 3 miles if i decide to walk home aswell) twice a week but i'd like to do a little more.....what would you recommend?
I'd recommend you walk as often as possible maybe 5 times per week if you can.....walking is the best thing one can do weather pregnant or not......you could also try hand weights for your arms as this would not cause any undo stress on the tummy area and the baby.......
Isn't swimming supposed to be really great exercise during pregnancy ... or even when not pregnant!
oh yeah...i forgot about swimming!
thanks for your replies ladies

i'm not pregnant and don't intend to be soon but isn't yogo or pilates good?? obv might get difficult when bump gets bigger!!!

just a thought :hug:
i've got a yoga dvd that has never been taken out the wrapper...maybe its time to get it out!!!

i've been on the babycentre.co.uk and got loads of ideas of ways to stay fit!
Hi Jenn, hope you are feeling well Honey :hug:

Now these won't help keep you trim necessarily, but they are good to do anyway, if you have one of those swiss balls/gym balls try sitting on it rather than a chair when on the pc, or watching tv, this will naturally make your tummy muscles work, in the later stages though, not for too long. Most importantly (and yes we all know we should, but how many of us do!) don't forget your pelvic floor, really you should be doing 5-10 100% effort and then release and then 5-10 50% effort for say 5-10 seconds at least 5 times a day.
I was made to understand that you can maintain your "pre-pregnancy" regime (withing reason) during pregnancy
it's not adviseable to suddenly add a tonne of activity to your regime that you weren't doing prior?
At least, that's what I was told by 2 dr's.

In other words, if you're already bowling, keep it up. If you're not, then don't start.
PLUS some moves, exercises etc, aren't adviseable.

I think it's best to ask your dr.
Every pregnancy is different, and to make decisions based on other people's lifestyles, health and pregnancies is not a good approach.

For example:
You're being advised to walk.

In MY case, I was told not to stand longer than 15 or 20minutes at a time, beyond my 5th month in both pregnancies. I was told to quit bowling as certain movements required "could" be dangerous, PARTICULARLY for an ungainly, unbalanced new mom.

Soooo while exercise is always good, preggers or not...
the best advice I can give to you is to speak to your doctor.
Hi hun,

Luckly when i was pregnant i was a gym instructor so i was able to use the gym whenever i wanted shame i don't do it now lol.

In my research, it was set out in trimesters, in yoour first trimester you could do pretty much what you would do normally, but as you got into the 2nd and 3rd trimester you had to cut down, you can lift heavy weights over your head and for obvious reasons like baby bump no running or vigerous exercise.

I did alot of work on the fit ball as it is great for core stability and great for after you have had baby to.

Pilates and yoga very good as well, but swimming is the best as it relieves pressure from you joints and stretches out all you muscles, there are also lots of exercise you can do in the pool as you use the water as your resistance instead of weights.

I hope this helps xxxx

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