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Johnny B

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Jul 3, 2013
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How often should men use face scrubs ? Is exfoliation before a shave indicated? Also how often should men exfoliate their bodies? Should I leave a day of pause between using scrubs? Can I use a mask on the day I use a scrub?
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I use ShaveDoctor Facial Wash / Scrub most days. This isn't too aggressive and helps lift the beard before shaving or a better result.
I use cloths and gloves. Body every other day, face very gently once or twice a week, very very gently around the eyes! You don't have to scrub hard...just a light buff or you damage the skin.
Hi Johny ,

I use a daily facial scrub before shaving also and it gives a much better and closer shave in my opinions. I generally exfoliate every day in the shower using my exfoliating wash cloth with a moisturising skin wash, the only time I do body exfoliation less frequently is when I do any waxing as I follow the waxing aftercare and only exfoliate 2/3 times a week and although it's only for the areas you wax I just use the same routine for the full body exfoliation for the first few weeks after waxing. I only use a mask on my face once a week.

Hth jack
I use Decleor's daily exfoliating cleanser every morning prior to shaving and my skin glows! Moreover as the above posters have said, besides keeping the skin clear and even, it also makes the shave much closer.

As regards the mask, you should certainly use it the same day you scrub as the removal of the barrier-like dead skin cells from the surface will greatly enhance the penetration of the active ingredients in the mask. I tend to use a mask twice a week, but once or twice a week is a general guideline where the product has no specific instructions.
If I shower with the A bit of rough cloth , can I use a BHA exfoliant after?
There are several types of facial exfoliator, including daily - as mentioned- twice weekly (on average), mechanical and enzyme based. Get advice from a therapist as to your skin type, and choose accordingly. Don't use a cheap scrub; these are likely to have microscopic sharp edges which will damage your skin eventually, and disturb the acid mantle.
Shaving in itself is also exfoliating.

Masks, as Martin has advised, follow exfoliation, again, on average, once a week.

Use good quality face and body moisturisers; again be advised after a skin analysis.


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