Eyelash extensions how much to charge?


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Jun 24, 2010
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hey i will be starting my eyelash course next week and a lot of friends have asked me to do theres, im not sure on how much to charge as obviously ive only just started.. just wondered what a resonable price would be for a beginner?:confused:
Best is probably if you have a look around the salons in your area to get a feel as different regions attract different prices and also make sure that you are comparing like for like ie some salons might advertise semi permanent lashes but are only using Y or cluster lashes which will last only a couple of weeks so you have to ensure that you are looking at the same treatments and also what other services they or you might be offering to differentiate your treatment from others.

once you are trained and certified you should be able to charge the full amount but it would be advisable to launch a special introductory price which will allow you to attract new clients and or convert clients from other treatments onto the lashes.
thanks for your reply, salons around my area can start from £50-£100 would u say £25-30 would be a resonable price for a beginner?
When you start charging, make sure you do it as an intro price rather than just cheap. what I mean is, if your full price is £60, then make sure the client knows that this will be the price, and they are getting a limted offer. Its far easier to start with your price, and do an offer so its not a shock to clients when you are charging full price. Dont sell yourself to short either xxxx
ok thanks for the advice i think i may start offering them for £25 then up my price when im more experienced :)xx
I agree with cabinkel...i would probably put it up as say £85 or £90 and then say half price intro offer for a limited time only so that you get the chance to up the prices again when you feel more confident rather than having to increase the prices after you feel you are ready. Also it gives customers the incentive to try it while its an offer?
yea i will do.. thankyou:)xx
I've just trained too and I was wondering the same. In order to get my qualification I have to do 4 case studies and I have only done 2, 1 was on the training day and then another one and already I'm feeling pretty ok...I haven't charged anything for the first 2 but I think once I've done 2 more I will just charge full price or maybe a little discount to build client base. HTH...good luck with the lashing x

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