EYELASH TECS - what can i use instead of micro brushes?


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Aug 3, 2010
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iv got a client today a new one and ive run out of micro brushes, i went to my local beauty shop and they are out of stock - what can i use instead?

disposable mascara wands? not ever tried it though....
Nouveau have an amazing tool that I'd highly recommend. I think but don't quote me it's called an lvl tool. I use the micro brushes for applying the sealant but nothing else! Clean it between each use and you are ready to go again. On one end you insert disposable fine combs to seperate and brush the lashes and on the other end is a fine probe that's slanted. Fab tool!

I'm guessing you want something to hand quickly but thought this was worth a mention!
If you need it to apply primer, then place primer a bit on the top of a cotton bud. Then gently apply on natural lashes - do not touch the skin. If you want to apply sealant, then you can use mascara brushes. :hug:
I use mascara wands, they do the trick.
yeah cotton buds are fine for me 2 x

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