EZ Flow version of paint on gel?


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Oct 17, 2005
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Cornwall, Ontario, Canada
I heard from a local distributor, today, that an EZ Flow version of Shellac is hitting the shelves soon.
Has anyone else heard of this?

I can't seem to find anything online, about it.

Dunno if you have Alternatives over there Victoria but that is EzFlow's soft gel.

Not heard anything about a shellac type product, still can't make up my mind about that or Gelish
Yes, we have Alternatives.
But I haven't seen anything about a product similar to Shellac.
I guess I'll have to wait for Distributor to launch it to learn more.

I contacted a US Distributor of EZ Flow products, and they answered the same that there is an EZ Flow equivalent BUT no further info than that and they don't have it available yet.

arrrrghhhhhhh no answers.... makes me bonkers
Just got confirmation from Antony Buckley as well.. it DOES exist....
but he doesn't have info on hand yet.


I'll keep all the EZ Flow fans updated as I can.

I love my Shellac so far, but if EZ Flow comes out with something, I obviously gotta try it since my gel and L&P are EZ Flow.
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Wow I'd live an ezflow version!!! Please keep us updated x
ohhhhhhhhh interesting... I am EzFlow as well and I like to keep everything the same wonder when it will be available!
Oooh interesting !

Keeping my eyes well peeled for this one :)
Antony will be heading for training and will dish the dirt hehehe
As soon as he does, I'll let all of you know

(GOTTA LOVE Antony! move over Judy! Anthony has a new stalker LOL)
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I have received advert email with this:

They name it Gel Polish, so it is more like Gelish than Shellac. But I am very curious about colors.
Who does give a try first? :)
I don't know that it's more like gelish than Shellac though, if we've only their description to follow.
Simply because they already have coloured gel-polish, like here
EzFlow® | Gel It!


Thanks again. I'll keep my eyes peeled for that.
It does have a base coat and topcoat so different from a coloured Gel I think lol
CND what have you done:green:
I love to see other companies scrabbling around to catch up.
But maybe that's just my twisted sense of houmor:eek:
I don't know that it's more like gelish than Shellac though, if we've only their description to follow.
Simply because they already have coloured gel-polish, like here
EzFlow® | Gel It!
Thanks again. I'll keep my eyes peeled for that.

You may be right, will see. I could not find any more infos, even on EzFlow site :D
Somebody's always scrambling at some point.
I'm sure a some point, CND scrambled too. :wink2:
In fact, I 'think' that EZ flow was the first to create coloured acrylic, but I could be wrong. I seem to remember reading that somewhere.

It's pretty typical in all areas of industry, that someone comes out with an idea 'first' and the other competitors rush about trying to produce the same or better, or worse - less than the same and ruddy trash.

But hat's off to CND for coming up with this one. I can't fault them there.
Although, I do have to wonder what took so long for any company to come up with this idea because 'chipping polish' has been a problem for decades :lol:
It is another thin coloured gel like gelish but nothing is like Shellac which is manufactured by CND and not some other huge manufacturer selling to every nail company that now has a thin coloured gel (and basically they all do have one now).

YES I know thin coloured gels supposedly last as long as Shellac which is fine ... great ... but they are not a hybrid of gel and polish .. nor as thin .. nor hypoallergenic (although some are 3 free like Shellac) nor as hard as Shellac and usually you have to etch the nail plate when applying thin coloured gel as well as etch the top coat in order to get a speedy removal time (great if you like filing and dust lol).

Shellac has unique selling points that make it different to thin coloured gels. Take you pick. :green:

I know that our natural nail clients LOVE that there is no filing of the nail plate or the top coat ... that is one of the main reasons they are coming for Shellac.

If we came anywhere near their natural nails with a file, buffer or white block .. they would run a mile! They also LOVE the strength and the feeling of 'security' they get with Shellac.
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IBD'S Got Gelac out to Victoria just to confuse you more lol But yet again its a gel polish not hybrid like Shellac :)
Oh, don't get me wrong.
I'm not comparing anything here.

I had just heard that ez flow was coming out with one and I was curious what the story is.
I would prefer to stick within my brand BUT I am loving Shellac so far...

So, we'll see what the future holds.

Guys, the best way to set aside one product from another and its TRUE uniquness will be to just ask about its PATENT.
Gelish is such a unique and innovative product that there is a THREE International and USA patent pendings clearly labelled on all the Gelish range.
This is for future proofing. Ask your supplier of any other product about their own Patents.
Gelish has been a product in the making for many years and IS changing the lives of salons and profesionals worldwide and has now in just 6 months in UK become a household name!
However with that said .. with all this choice its never ever been a better time to be a part of this exciting industry !!

Love n Hugs

Harmony UK
A common misconception is that 'patents pending' means that it is a done deal ... unfortuantely until a patent is granted (which it may very well not be) it really is not meaningful.

I like to know what the USP's are .... no one has of yet said anything unique about thin coloured gels other than that it is a thin coloured gel.

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