fabric rebalance after ONE week


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Feb 8, 2003
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Yikes - ok ive had major probs with my fabric application and getting the fabric to adhere but i did a lady friday and it didnt seem too bad - although not perfect. anyhow she rang yesterday to book in for her rebal early as she had lost the thumb and the sides of a couple of fingers were lifting up - this doesnt suprise me as like i say it wasnt adhereing properly in the first place.

Now do i do the job and charge - or as it was my fault in the first place do i do this at reduced price or free and how do i explain to her that she needed to return early in the first place... please help with this one as im unsure what to do say and want to get this right.
Cover yourself as a professional, and fix the nails for free. Clients trust your honesty, and the fact that you're trying to right the wrong. Especially if the nails fall apart within the first week. Clients know the nails should have lasted longer. I have had occasions in the past where the client comes back right away because the nails were lifting badly, or even broken. If you know you did a shoddy job in the first place (for whatever reasons) them fix the nails gratis. Also, I try to tell my enhancement clients that if they have ANY problems with their nails WITHIN THREE DAYS, to come back immediately, and I'll fix them no charge. Anything after a week, and I charge them for the repairs.
Thehandsanctuary said:
she had lost the thumb and the sides of a couple of fingers were lifting up - this doesnt suprise me as like i say it wasnt adhereing properly in the first place.

Breaking a thumb and lifting at the sides does not sound like a problem with the fabric not adhering properly. The problem of lifting at the sides Sounds more of a - the product touched the skin problem! Breaking a thumb?? Could happen to anyone.

I would get the client in the chair and assess the damage and where you can hold your hand up and say "that problem was caused by me" you repair for free --- if you want to throw the breakage in along with the rest that would be a nice gesture of goodwill.

What problem are you having getting the fabric to adhere?? I am not a huge user of fabric but i have had a play and i dont find a prob so if you could explain a little more maybe i could help??
well its strange this has never happened until recently and ive been doing fabric as my only system since aug 03 not that i do many sets but its wahat i always have on my nails. i did a client toe repair and she got her hairdresser mate in the next day for a repair on her fingernail and the fibreglass nor silk would not adhere. i have done about three full sets all the same problem fibreglass not adhereing and sticking up and last night i did mine again and had major probs - see my other thread-
i have re gone over my prep and application time and time again but the damn stuff just lifts right off or sticks up on one side as soon as i apply the bond - sometimes b4. any help would be much appreciated

you prob arnt but your not touching the fabric are you?? or you may have a faulty batch??
when i do fabric i smooth the fabric down with the shiny side of the backing paper (do you know what i mean?) if you have gone over your prep and there is nothing wrong there its got to be something to do with the fabric your using or the way your applying it. i may be wrong though! i know ruth (nailsinlondon) uses fabric loads so she may be of more help. Have you tried using a different batch of fibre glass?? which other thread are you refering too??
If the silk or fibreglass isn't sticking it could be due to............

1.Contamination of the material.............dust/oil on the back, dust/oil being transfered on to the nail................. Before I apply any material be it Fibreglass or Silk, I quickly dust down my work station and give it a quick spray with clori-spray............

2.A bad or old batch of Fibreglass or Silk..........let your supplier know, they might have had other complaints.........

3.Silk or Fibreglass not being kept in a proper container which will keep out dust , oils moisture and other contaminants.....
Keep your Silk or Fibreglass in nice box.......I have a nice pencil case metal tin type....

4.Avoid touching the Silk or Fibreglass where it will adhere to the nail, if you have touched any of it even for a second it reduces sticking power as the oils from your fingertips will provide a barrier and and oily surface will repell the resin.........

5.Try using the other end of the strip..........Is the silk or fibreglass curling away from the backing paper while you are cutting it....... then it is not going to stick very well to the prepared nail.........Try a new strip, fresh out of the packet..........
Do you apply a layer of resin, providing a nice shiney smooth surface or do you place it on the nail directly after blending and not after bonding???? Base the tip with the bond to provide a good clean bonding surface lol...............

6.Did you over wet the material, to much resin and it will curl up and try tofloat of the nail............and it will also add resin to your sidewalls and cuticle area and then stick to skin and not keratin, hence the lifting..............

As for a broken Thumb nail......this happens and can happen to any one.. look for stress marks on the natural nail, it will be a dead give away if force has had something to do with it..........
Did you over blend the tip and reduced the strenght of the tips sidewalls, did you over use scrubfresh, this can lead to tips breaking.........

At then end of the day it could be all down to the client, you will have to check the nails and then make a decission...........

Just a few check points Hun...........

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