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Oct 29, 2003
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Poole, Dorset
8) Hello
Just wondering if anyone can tell me if the fabric system has an odour well one that is strong anyway.

I was playing about with my sinful fibreglass today, which i have not done for some time and I had forgotten how awful it smelt, it gave me a right old headache, it is an evil smell.

This is why i ask about the creative fabric system, as i would like to use it but if it smells as bad as sinful then hey I will re think.

Grace x
Hello Grace
I have just started to use the Fabric and have no problem with odour's. I did get a little to close to the nail i was working on and it sure made my eyes sting a little.

It really is a great product. I have only ever used L/P so i found it abit tricky cutting the fabric out, but after a post from Geeg with some very useful tips i do seem to be getting better.

I have never smelt another fiberglass system. But the new fabric is not offensive just don't get to close when applying the resins LOL

Take care
Fabric# is a very low odour system and you should not be offended by it.

Because you only use the Activator Spray (I'm presuming this is the smell you are complaining about) ONCE during the entire process, it does not produce a great amount of odour.

The odour of the Activator is kind of 'medicinal' in nature because it does contain a heptane/hexane mixture which does not smell particularly pleasant, but not horrible either - BUT and the big BUT is that we don't use it as much as other systems.
Thank you, that helps loads, I will try it then. The smells I was experiencing came from both the activator and the resin, pooo wee :pale: they did hum ding. They were super offensive like really bad, what made me worry more than anything was that on the activator is a label that says:
Danger of serious damage to health by prolonged exposure through inhalation. :shock: This worrys me greatly as do they think that people just use this now and then? Trust me the inhalation would not be able to be controlled on this products it follows you around and just gets in your face no matter what.

I am now going to look up about the ingredients as it has concerned me so much.

Thank you for your help you are all just super :D
Grace x
T here has been a long history of Activators and now we are regulated to all use basicaly the same thing.

An activator consists of 2 parts:
The carrier liquid (99.9%)
The activator (tiny proportion) Aromic Amine
The carrier liquid carries the activator to the nail to do the job, i.e. dry the resin.

There have been various substances used as a carrier over the years:
Fluron (smelly)
Trichlorithane 111 (worked great)
Both F and Trichl.111 produced CFC's and were banned along with their use in deodorants and other pressurised sprays etc.
Now we are back to Acetone as the carrier and Aromic Amine as the catalyist.
Of course it is not wise to breathe the mist of these substances all day long which is why the Fabric# system is so good because you only need to spray once during a whole set. This was very much taken into conideraton when the system was designed. It is by far the most user friendly system around today.
I have to say I just love the smell of Fabric activator, its what my mum would describe as a "clean" smell.
I do have trouble however, with the resins stinging my eyes, even with the protective glasses it seems to affect me
Hi ya,
As with all systems, work smart not hard....................

Fibreglass/Silk, all systems including Fabric#, you only need a small amount of Activator...................If you work in a rotation system, you will find you will only need to spray once................after the very last resin application..........
Try to work your application in a sequence of finger 1-10....................
Example tip on all 10 fingers, then next step on all 10 fingers aso......

When it comes to activating, get the client to invert their hand and hold it finger pointing towards the sky........... then spray, a light mist and this will be enough to start the curing process.........Choose a good distance and you will find, that from the further away you spray the larger area you will cover....less waste...

Before Fabric# came on the scene, I did this all the time...............because I don't want to breath in more of the stuff then I need to and secondly, it's a waste....................
As for resin stinging in your eyes, try not to sit right over the nail when using resin...........ventilation is a must as with all systems.............
Just because you can't smell the product, it doesn't mean that it isn't there.......
So be safe and you wont be sorry ............

love Ruth xxxxxxxxxx
hey guys,

thanks for the advice, yes I did sit right over the nail when i applied the resin, eyes stung and the smell was awful, this is obviously what I did wrong. :oops:

The ingredient in the activator was gamma butyrolactone and ethyl acetate, did not get much joy on looking it up, apart from some info saying that the gamma ingredient was a problem in food, hmm hey ho.
I am easily confused so that did the trick.

Anyway thanks for all your help.
Grace x
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