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Apr 26, 2003
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hi now mrs married on saturday, been to the lakes for 4 days and today i opened my salon, woo hoo...

rite files question: which files do u all use to blend in tips?
L & P?

i currently use the outblack but i feel i need something a little harsher, and also for the free edge once the products are on, the kanga at this stage is a little to soft...

Congratulations Mrs Mellin, hope you had a wonderful day - boy you don't relax much do you??? Weddings, salon openings etc :shock:

Now to answer questions, you are talking about blending tips. The Outblack is a 180/240 and this helps you quickly jump from one grit to another whilst blending. I wouldn't recommend anything less than a 180 because if you do (by accident) catch the natural nail, you WILL damage it! Try and be a liitle firmer with your buffing action on the plastic tip and remember to be EVEN - what you do with one side of the tip, do with the other etc. As for using the Kanga on the free edge, this is great for natural nails and 'getting down the sides' but I would use initally, the Outblack or the Designer Nails Black Grit abrasives which are 100/180 files!! Hope this helps. BTW I assume you were using the same tips for Fabric too so didn't reply seperatly to that!
If you like the slimness of the Creative Kanga but want a longer lasting board, try the Black Velvet from Designer Nails.

I LOVE this slim wooden board for the side walls and free edge. they last for AGES. Great retail item as well.
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