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Mrs Geek

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Jan 11, 2003
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The Sweet Geeks are finally off for a holiday - between you and me (and the other 2000 geeks) - I can't wait!! I am going 'home' of a sort as I lived in Sarasota for a long time...arghhh OK I AM SO EXCITED! Will log on when I have a mo but intend to do nothing for a while! With Love to you all and hope that the weather gets better for August here in the UK! Keep on doing beautiful nails - not just OK nails - but BEAUTIFUL NAILS!!!!

Sunshine State...here we come :)
Have a brill time and have a well earned rest.................
As they sya sun, sand, sea and yep sleep lol.........or what ever takes ya fancy lol !!!!!
Yep just chill Samantha :cool: Hope you all have a brill hols.
hope you all have a fantastic time , and have some well earned rest , love dee
have a great holiday, try not to think of "us" too much
have a fabulous holiday :biggrin: You know how I love Florida too :biggrin:
Hiya, Hope you and Sam enjoy that well earned rest ... if the little Geekuns let you rest that is, lol! :D
Have fun Sweeties...and please bring back the Sun with you....
ooooohhhhhh mrs geek you have just made me green with envy....lol :p

my fiance and i have been saving to go to florida next year....i've been 4 times but he has not been at all so i am desperate to get him there, plus the fact that i have not had a holiday for 5 years i was really looking forward to it........but what goes and happens......2 weeks ago i found out i was pregnant.

good news though as my fiances mum said she will babysit for 2 weeks if we still want to go....everyone is saying when i have the baby (my first) i wont want to go away and leave it but i think maybe the thought of all that sunshine will beat the changing of dirty nappies and wiping up baby sick for 2 weeks.....lol

anyway enjoy yourself and have some great quality time with the rest of the geek family.

Have a fab time all of you but hurry back we will miss you

Take care Dawnie xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Have a great time you will love it there
off on mine in 10 days cantr wait:)
wish i was going i love Florida

have a brilliant vacation
Great, thats somewhere me and my hubby would love to visit. You Both deserve it with all the hard work you both do.

No wonder you can't wait. Have a great well earned rest, and try not to think of us at all.....well dont forget us...lol.
hi sam
have a great holiday, some "me" time, & time with sam, dexter & your little man!
i bet he's grown since feb?
enjoy yourselves &recharge your batteries ready for london fashion week!
liza x
Got a call this am and they have all arrived safely.

The boys behaved beautifully on the plane everyone had slept and they were looking at Giraffes and rhinos and monkeys right outside their bedroom balcony!!! They are in the USA not Africa, but I guess The Disney World Park is the real thing too.
We are off to Florida for the 7th time 63 weeks tomorrow (I know its sad counting but I LOVE the place!) which makes it October 2005!!

Have a great time.

Sharon Green said:
We are off to Florida for the 7th time 63 weeks tomorrow (I know its sad counting but I LOVE the place!) which makes it October 2005!!

Have a great time.

We are probably going back next October toooooooooo its heaven on earth there
Hi all Geeks - well we are finally back in Sarasota - Longboat Key and BOY is it good to be back - weather is 90 degrees and the Gulf of Mexico is 85degrees. We have just found out that Dexter is a Little Fish - opening his eyes under water and generally loving it!! Haydn is loving the ocean and Sam and I are just well - loving it generally!! Had to log on and send my love to you all - oh yeh and we did meet Buzz AND Woody AND Jessie - Dexter was speechless in Buzz Lightyears presence - it was so cute and we have peictures to prove it!! Off to the beach now .... you all have a Magical Day!!! ;)
aww that is fab news that you are all having a great time , glad the website thing didnt muck up your hols, i bet you are all tanned and lovely :) , and the weather here has been pants !! proper chucking it down :mad: , take care love dee
glad your relaxing and having fun

did you see donald duck? we had such a job finding him we thought he had fewn south for the winter i rang guest relations to ask where we could see him and off we went to get his piccy and autograph........... when i told my parents they thought i was barking mad but when the kids wanna see donald donald they had to see :D

Have fun

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