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Jan 12, 2003
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Greven, Germany
Just a quick update

From this to this, aint it finished yet. But looks good don't ya all think????
Back tomorrow for the finishing touches

love Ruth and Faye xxxxx
From this

To this

My Baby all grown up, she's gonna kill me for this
hahahahaha bootiful photo Faye!! Love your new table, how funky is that??!?!?!?!! Looks like you're gona be much more comfortable and happier in your new gaff ;-)

Also thanks for everything today mum i couldnt have shifted it all on my own. But hey there is still loads to do tomorrow.................................

love faye xxx well all i can say is at least i look half decent in that picture
before and afters- and btw Faye - you look lovely xxx chill diva - go kick ass x
Hey Faye thats what mom's are for! You look awesome and I love your table. Rock on you will be fab!
Have fun putting the finishing touches on today ... But it looks wonderful already. Very professional and up market .. just like you Faye!!
Finished most of it, just the glass shelfs to go in the alcove , little light to illuminate the SOLAR OIL lol
Ready for business on Monday




Love to all
The support was fantastic from this board
Love to our Geeky Family
From Ruth and Faye xxx
There was an error eariler today that screwed up all the links within posts (thats why people were having problems clicking on hyperlinks) that has now been fixed.

For all those concerned... This site is free (not for me though)... kindly PM or email me if you are getting errors like this as it brings it to my attention faster than making off topic posts.

In the interest of keeping the thread clean so that months later people can make sense of it... I have removed the posts regarding 'I thought this was a free site but now I cant see the pictures' as you can see that now the link problem is fixed... the pictures are clearly visible.

In turn I will remove this post in the next few days to preserve the thread.

Thanks all
Ooo, it looks lovely!!! :D

I'd be really happy to have my nails done there - and lots of smiley faces make such a difference!

I'm sure you're gonna have lots of fun!

Best wishes,

Looks absolutely wonderful faye and ruth...........
Good Luck :thumbsup:
Faye looks wonderfull..........wish I could have been there for you today to cut the ribbon :D
Hope all went well......I am sure it did
Take care Dawnie and Mullie xxxxxxx lick x

That looks like a brill place to work! Such a nice place, looks v. professional. Hope your first day went okay!

How was Covent Garden on Friday, hope you two had a good time. ;)
good luck at your new place
I wish you blessings and good luck in your new shop! If I ever get out of Alabama and into London, (yeah right)I'm coming for a visit and a set of those awesome nails!!!!
well as you all may know by know i started in my new shop yesterday so i thought i would just let you all know how it is going.
well i am happier in my new shop the girls there are all lovely, yesterday was really quiet but today i had three girls in all having infills. then to my suprise i had two phone calls and now i have got two full sets booked in for thursday :D
so i am well chuffed today..........................................
so thanks everyone for all the messages of luck they seem to have definitely worked , oh and i must just add the clients i have had in so far all love the new shop .
well thats it for now i will keep you all updated love faye xxxxxxxx
ps just wanna say thanks mum for all the help i do really appreciateit (love you tons)
Well done babe, you will soon be booked out...........
No need to thank me.......................... that's what mothers are for........

Do I qualify for a nice nursing homenow lol ???????????
love Ruth xxxxx
lol :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: well have u seen that advert where he says come on mother your going to the nursing home and she says why i am only 55 and the son says its ok i have called them, then he says also i wanna put a pool taable in your room and the kisds are scared of your mostache........ how funny is that ... well i will have you but when u get senial and silly then u can go in a home (only joking when i am rich io will by u a nursing home), only have the best for you xxxxxxxxxxxxx
love daughter dearest xxx
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