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Jan 12, 2003
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I'm sure that many will share my thoughts when I say how sorry I am to hear of the terrible accident which occurred today to the space shuttle.

Americans are going through a hard time at the moment and this new tradgedy is so sad.

America does so much for other countries around the world when they suffer disasters - just wanted to let you know that it is appreciated and that I share your pain and I send my love.
:( As an American, I say Thank you for your kind words. Yes, we have had many challenges lately, but God and our Country will prevail.
Geeg, thank you for the kind words. America is in a state of healing and it will take time to deal with all these tragedies that we have had here in the past yr. We appreciate your kindness, and just knowing others around the world care help us to deal with this. Thank you!
I would just like to add that my thoughts go out to you all.

Another tragedy that should really have ended in happiness.

Love, thoughts and best wishes.........Adele
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