Foundation for oily skin??


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Sep 2, 2009
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I have quite oily skin (not too bad!) and i have recently started using a mineral foundation which seems to have made my skin worse, is this due to the mineral base or just coincidence??
What foundations do you guys recommend for oily skin, is there a brand/type that would be best??
Look forwrad to your replys, Thanks.
I use mineral foundation, and my skin's much better for it. I found that other foundations - and I've tried almost all the ones for oily skin - made my skin more congested.

Which brand are you using? Are you applying the foundation correctly, with the proper brush? Maybe it's to do with the way you're applying it rather than the foundation itself.
i agree! mineral makeup is fab for oily skin. you have to do your research though, mineral make up is like organic skincare- it only has to have a very small % of minerals in to be classed as mineral makeup.
i am biased but bare minerals makeup is fab. they are the original mineral makeup and there foundations and powders are 100% mineral. and they have a fab product called mineral veil which is the setting powder and you can apply it over your makeup through the day and it takes off the shine. its fab x
thanks rachirv, is that the id bare escentuals range?? maybe i should give that a go, thanks.
yeh it is the bare escentuals. its fab. and they do a starter kit too which is really well priced. you get you 2 different foundation shades in ( 1 summer/1 winter or 1day/1 night) the mineral veil which sets it, the concealer, the bronzer, a sachet of primer, a dvd and 3 brushes! :) x
I think if you apply mineral make up too heavily or wear a shade that's too dark it can make you look extra shiny. I think it's unlikely that it would cause you to be more oily. (Jmo!)

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