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Nov 30, 2005
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Just received these and on the website they say they are reusable but the instructions dont actually mention taking off the from once the acrylic has set, anyone actually tried these out? Just a bit confused !
Ah ha yes they do come away I guess they forgot to mention it in the leaflet?! I had a little play with them already. I have to say first go at a size 9 my pinkie finger was a disaster trying to make the smile line, alas I think I may go for a one colour glitter for now!
i havent even got round to trying mine yet.when i hada look at them the ones i got didnt seem to be a very good fit for me.let us know how you got on and maybe some pictures?
i was looking at these on their website

they look very interesting
Well I had a play and practice practice practise !! I gave in and put on sculpts, but I can see them being very good as the nail I did do was so shiny, it was just a little hard to judge the smile line so I may next time use a tip and overlay. The freeforms are reusable so good value for money I can imagine if you were using these in a salon or mobile.
What do they look like? I do sculpts and might give em a go
suspiciously like Popits I thought when I saw them in Scratch....:rolleyes:

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