French curvation question.


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Mar 24, 2004
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Hi all, needed some advice please.

I've had enquiries on using the white french curvation tips with acylic L&P overlay. I know you apply the tips but you don't blend, then apply the acrylic as usual over the top.

What i would like to know is;

What do you do when a rebalance is needed? Do you then just use permanant french white over the top?

Or do you have to remove them when the nails have grown?

I've personally not used them yet, so need to hear from fellow geeks who have please. Wondered how they would look, if the white is too white and looks too false?????

sorry for the spanish inquisition, but don't want to use them if they are more trouble than they are worth.

Thanks from a puzzled geek.:o
To rebalance white tips would be the same as any other french rebalance using the white powder.

The only problem with white tips is they are not suitable for all nails - for example you should never use them on a nail biter as the smile line would be too far down.

They do need to be pre taylored so that the white smile is placed at the natural smile line. Some white tips are thinner at the well area so you would have a slight difference in depth of whiteness.

Personally I think it is better to master using the white powders as this way your rebalanaces are going to be always done with the same colour and it makes less work in the long run. I used to always use white tips and I never mastered doing smiles until recently - my rebalances never looked as good as the originals - smiles were a bit crooked LOL.

Hope that makes sense.
Thanks Natural Nails, i can do the pink and white no problem on someone else, but when it comes to myself i get very frustrated with doing my right hand. My left hand always looks good but my right looks reasonable but still not perfect.

I'm just trying to find an easier option for myself at the moment. I don't want to go in a salon and pay someone i don't know to do it, i can be very picky and a bit of a perfectionist. I wish i could find someone i trust to do them for me.:o
I know with practise with my other hand i will get better, i just dread doing it especially when it takes me twice as long on me than when i do a full set on a client.

a good trick is to pretailor your tips for your right hand, and then put you white on the tip shape your smile line and then put them on this works well with clear tips if you thin the contact area first. Did that make sense??
Thanks Angel, i hadn't thought of doing the smile line first, that's such a simple idea but very easy. So basically i cut the tip down, shape it, tailor it, i could then put the tip on an orange stick with blu tack and apply my smile line before sticking the tip to my finger, is that what you meant?:D
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