Frustrated wannabe Creative trained!!!


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Jun 26, 2003
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Reading, Berks
I so desperately want to get some Creative Training!! :(
I stupidly trained with Star Nails and did their `Total Technician` 6 day coarse. 2 days of which I felt were worth it ,ie, Manicure & Nail art. But the 4 day acrylic training we received I felt was quite poor. Great H&S and nail technology but desperatley lacking in overlay advice & tips. I felt they really held back info because they want you to pay for more 1 day workshops. :evil:
Having realised my mistake almost straight away I contacted Creative only to be told that I can't do a workshop with them for a year!! I'm distraught!
Can anyone help me get through this lul - any tips on survival pre-Creative? :frust:

There maybe one other way that is going on the full nail enhancement course with creative, yes which is more expensive than the workshops. But if your so frustrated just now it seems that's the only option you have unless you want to wait a year. But the whole point of waiting is so you build up your confidence and learn, as learning never stops no matter how many courses you go on, there's always something new!

I really sympathize with your predicament. :(

We would really expect you to take the Foundation Class in order for us to accredit your skills and your knowledge.

We have never recognized the training certificate you hold for all the reasons you gave in your post. I'm so sorry. Also the rule is ... you have to have been working in the industry for at least a year before being eligible to take a conversion course. It wouldn't do our credibility any good if you just sat for a year and then were allowed to convert to Creative. That attitude would only disrespect all the technicians who have worked hard to be able to use Creative.

I wish there were an easier and less expensive option for you. I have heard so many stories similar to yours. I would ring and speak to an Academy Advisor and discuss your options with them. 0113 275 5719 and ask for Education.
Thanx for replying. I know taking the complete foundation coarse again is an obvious answer but one I can't afford to take unfortunately. I have spent so much this year so far already on equipment etc to enable me to go mobile it's just not an option. Besides I don't feel I need to sit thru the whole lot again as I can apply a fairly decent set of nails, just want to be able to tweek up what I've learnt and be better!
I suppose practice, practice, and more practice is on the cards for the next 6 months!!! :?
I hope some may read this see it as a lesson learnt!!(at my expense!!)
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