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May 17, 2004
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I am continually searching for fume extractors, and I have tried the soldering one with the charcoal and have not noticed any difference.

Just been searching and came across a company who does industrial efficient dust and fume extraction units. I rang the guy and talked about nail tech problems and he said the company did research the market about making one for nail techs, but said no one wanted to pay £350-£400 which is what this unit would cost. It costs this much because it would be industrial efficient.

The unit would sit into the desk and it basically sucks down the dust and fumes.

I asked if it would completely eliminate the fumes of acrylic and acetone and he said yes.

So, the reason for putting this note up is to test the water, do you think this is too much money for a unit which is industrial efficient, not the same as the ones you get now for tables, or would you be prepared to pay that much to eliminate fumes and dust totally?

If there was enough interest I said I would contact him again.

it would be too expensive for me at that price...but you never know i may make my fortune ! :rolleyes:
"I asked if it would completely eliminate the fumes of acrylic and acetone and he said yes."

not being picky but liquid and powder (acrylic) doesnt have fumes it is the vapour that smells as the liquid evaporates.

it does sound expensive though
If it DID extract all vapours and dust, I would buy one at that price.
It depends on how cumbersome and noisy it was, but if it was to eliminate ALL dust it is a small price to pay for healthy lungs.
Yes noise and compactness would be a factor to consider of course.

I agree, if it were to completely eliminate dust and fumes I would be prepared to buy it for my health, for the customers, and for the comfort factor of anyone else having to smell it, plus it would keep the amount of dust down.

I wonder if they would be prepared to build one for a trial run as it would have to do exactly what he says it will do for that price.

By the way, should have mentioned he said it would be about 9" square.

Find out about noise factor and how easy it would be to fit into your current desk, i would be interested but have to say wouldn't be able to afford one right now.
hi i know the ones that are made for people welding galvanised metal have to be the proper job coz it is really bad for you , (dont know the technical stuff) and i only know this coz hubby is an engineer, he is gonna get me one from aplace that does em for welding coz they are meant to be better(in his opinion), maybe you could ring round some places and find out
Are the prices net of vat? I would be really interested but couldn't afford it right now.
Not sure about the vat, will go back and ask him any questions you guys need to know.

With regards to the welding extraction system, I think you will find they are usually too big, and possibly nearer 4 figure sums. I've done lots of searches in that sort of area and they all seem to cater for large sites.

If your husband can find one that is suitable for a nail workstation, or light and portable enough to carry with you, then please let us know.

My husband has his doubts that any would be efficient enough for such a small area.

There's a market out there for someone to invent one.
I'm off to the shed now!! This time next year we'll all be dust extractor millionaires!!
I would be very interested. As you said there is certainly a market out there for them. I've been trying to find something suitable for both nails and to also take care of overspray when I'm airbrush tanning.

Health is something to be invested in.

Let me know how you get on because I'm just setting up my 'cabin' and want to start as I mean to go on. I'm therefore anxious to get sorted as soon as possible.

Look forward to seeing what they say.
Would it have to sit under the desk, what about putting them above????
Hi there

Just had a response from the guy I spoke to the other day, after emailing all your queries to him, and unfortunately he is still resolute in the fact that, well here are his comments

"Thanks for your comments. Our view is that the market in general will not pay what is needed to do the job properly and will in the end use a cheap compromise.
At the same time we are not in the business of selling cheaply/low margin so we conclude that it is not worth pursuing the market. The plain fact is that it is not expensive -its just that the users perception of the value is wrong!"

Another company I chased came back and he reckoned it would cost about £500 because of the power of the motor to pull the dust and the gas filter. So it looks like it would be quite expensive if we want something to be totally efficient.

So it's back to the drawing board. I have sent another company an email see if they have anything suitable will let you know thier response.

Just out of interest has anyone used the filtaire in ellisons catalogue?


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