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Aug 22, 2003
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the boys told me that they can take any games ie. pc ps2 nintendo that they dont play any more into GAME and they buy them off you.
so we did this this afternoon they took games in they dont play and were given game gift cards with money on one for 4.99 for one my youngest sold to them one for 19.99, that my eldest sold to them, so they can use the game cards to put towards new games in GAME....which they did
thought i would let you peeps know,
My cally does this all the time the only problem I had was he was selling the ones he had only played on once and which were new theycost like £40 and he sold them for about £8 each :irked:lmao So just watch which ones they try to sell :)
The longer the game is out the less money you will get for it but what I would recommend so that they get as much as possible from them is if its newish game (doesnt really matter how old/new it is the same applys) and only been out a couple of days/weeks try ebay first and if it doesnt sell then list it on ebay again. Its going to cost you about 50p on ebay where as you may lose £15 in a shop.

Games/DVD's stuff of this nature people only tend to buy when the listing is about to expire so for the sake of 50p and two listings each one day long you will be better off.

If its not selling the second time round (which i doubt very much as being new will go the first time its listed) then take to game or other computer shops that do it.

If the young'uns cant get to the shop before the weekend the 2 day ebay thing is perfect.

Only problem is with ebay your not accruing the store points which can be quite useful.

Plus if they want a new game, be patient for a couple of days and check the pre-owned section for the one they want, likely save them £10-£15 for the sake of a few days

Hope that helps :)
cheers for the tips :hug:

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