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Anna from Toronto

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Jan 11, 2003
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Toronto, Canada
......and I thought 'I' came up with this LOL LOL.
I just saw your fabulous sculpting tutorial. Fabulous!
We are doing the same thing when it comes to sculpting the white in 2 steps.
I do this with gels as well. This way I get perfect cure and the white is nice and even in colour, and also I don't have to maneuver a large amount of product at once.

So lately I have been "playing" (read: pulling my hair out) with acrylics... although this has been very frustrating to me somehow I'm drawn to L&P (must be the smell, maybe I'm addicted LOL LOL).
So I figured out a way of sculpting the tip first and then do the smile line. But honestly I thought I'm doing it the wrong way...then I saw your tutorial :D
This way (even with gels) I get a nicer smile line, because when I'm doing the smile line I don't have to worry about the product dripping off the form.

I'm so glad that I'm not alone (OK, don't laugh!)
Because I have never seen anyone doing the tip this way (especially with gels, and I have seen many gel videos and demos!)

I don't have a sculpting P&W tutorial (just backfills), but take look at this...

I'm showing repair, but this is how I sculpt too :D
Hi Anna,

Believe it or not, the 2 bead method of sculpting is the method Creative has been teaching for 20 years!!! Not to take anything away from the Geek - Beautiful tutorial!!

It has always been the way that is the easiest to teach - the easiest for the student to master -- the method that produces the most even surface under the nail with no bleeding (of product !! :D ) under the free edge -- and this method allows the technician to concentrate on making a beautiful smile line without having to focus on three different things all at once and in a time limit!!

Don't know why everybody doesn't do it!! Maybe they will now :D
No, its not a technique I pulled clean out of my butt...
it is one that came about in discussion with other techs...
in fact... never actually saw the technique before I did it in one of my courses... but it does make clear sense and im sure it will come as old hat info to some as many would have discovered the simplicity ages ago.

At CND Regionals in the UK this year we standardised the technique so that all our Ambassadors here consistently teach this technique (so much freaking easier to teach and learn)

I hope it can help other techs learn to love sculpting in an easy way.

Anyhoo... if i am a genius for that... obviously you are a genius too as you were doing the same thing ;)

I hope this doesn't sound prissy but I'm gonna say it anyway!

"No, its not a technique I pulled clean out of my butt... "

That's a HORRIBLE expression!
Aligirl said:
I hope this doesn't sound prissy but I'm gonna say it anyway!
"No, its not a technique I pulled clean out of my butt... " That's a HORRIBLE expression!

I'm with you there AliG - it's one of his American-isms that he does tend to use rather a lot!! It's also his personality!! Don't be offended PLEASE :oops: ;)
O naw, I'm not offended Samantha! Half my family still live in the States and some of their expressions... well, let's not go there! :?

Actually I thought about you when I was posting and wondered what you think of that particular American-ism, seeing as you prolly hear it quite a lot! Maybe you could re-train him hunny. I hear water pistol treatment is often quite successful........ ;)

:D :p WOW, I did it, I did it. Followed your tutorial on sculptering, never tried it before. But as I broke a nail at the gym, I thought :idea: Go for it, I did. Oh WOW, next step is the course. Big Thank you.
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