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I thought Backscratchers were something to do with Creative :?: & I thought you had to be creative trained to buy creative products?



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Jan 11, 2003
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I haven't been doing nails very long & I've come across alot of probs. i've managed to sort most of them out & I've finally (I think!) got over the cursed 'lifting' but I'm still having problems with blending & making the finished nail look natural & to be honest, good.

I can never seem to blend the tips just right. I always seem to be filing the clients nail (I know, I know :pale: ) & I can never just get rid of the damned line :evil: Or the other problem I have is that I file too much of the tip away. I've tried preblending but again, I just seem to make the tip sooo thin that it just disappears or when I attach it to the nail the line is still very clearly visable.
How do you other Gel techs make your nails look fab? :huh:

I am only trained in Gel & have only used a clear gel. I'm tempted to get some pink & white gels & do that to overcome the problem, but I was only trained to use a clear gel & so I'm not sure of exactly how to do a pink & white infill. Also, I would really like to solve this problem, not just bodge it or sweep it under the carpet.
I've been practising loads but I feel that just practising isn't going to do alot unless someone gives me some ideas where I am going wrong. does that make sense?

Thanks for your time
I have the exact same problem - I cant seem to blend the ridge line perfectly into the nail plate :-\ So annoying :cus: :ack:

Have you tried using a tip blender? I sometimes use IBD's Tip Blender which can help you when blending the tips in. You apply it and leave for a minute or so and then when you start to file the edge of the tip just rolls off.

Also Kitty, you say that you seem to be filing the clients nail - were you not taught to apply a coat of gel to the natural nail BEFORE applying tips? This way you are never actually filing the clients natural nail, just the gel. This may also help you Layla.
HowdA there....

I would personally avoid tip blenders. They are basically acetone or solvents that melt the tip. You file over the contact area and it 'gums' away. This gum dries in your abrasive... making it as potent as toilet paper all the while dissolving your adhesive that holds your tip on in the first place (just my opinion anyway)

What I do is remove ANY excess contact area. I will file off any contact area that isn’t needed for application. That way, there is usually only a sliver that needs to be blended in... I thought I had a pictorial to show... but don’t know where the hell it is... O well... Ill keep searching....
In the meantime... keep trying :)

Have you taken any professional classes....sometimes it is helpful if you can actually watch some one apply a set. I also recommend getting some video's. The best thing would be is find someone in your area to mentor you.
Could it be that maybe your tips are too thick?? I know the cheap ones are thick and do not blend in very well at all. Maybe give those welless tips a try.
.. I never knew that tip blenders could have acetone in! I must be so thick :pale: Thanks Mr Geek :fro: for enlightening me once again. No more using that tip blender - I'll throw it away right now!



Yes, I've tried using a tp blnder, but found it just made everything gooey!
So now I just file,
I have attended a private beauty school & was taught Gels, but no, I was never told to apply gel. then tip etc. I was on Annas site & saw this was what she does so I've just done a couple of my own nails this way this morning & it did seem to help.

Mr Geek, I've tried making the wells so small (just a sliver) but then they don't seem to adhere very well & break off very quickly.

I use 'Star Nails' tips as my teacher had loads of these that she had bought cheap when star Nails changed the style of their tips. The ones I have, have a large portion of the centre of the well cut away., kind of like a horseshoe effect. I switched to some different ones & they seemed ok for a while but they kept spliting length wise. So back to the star nails ones!

Does anyone know anywhere you can get the 'well-less' tips in UK? I've only ever seen them advertised or mentioned on US sites? Stupid question, but do you have to blend them?

I use backscratcher nails at the mo, they're quite thin. I got them the other day and they blended hell of a lot easier than the nails I used before (cheap thick yukky ones!!).

When I start my training, Im sure I'll improve! lol! Meanwhile I'll just keep at it ;)

backscratchers and creative are different companies. backscratcher is the fibre glasss system from supernails. and i think you are supposed to be trained with backscratcher before you can buy from them.

Groovynails, Where did you train?
i trained at my local college completed the nvq 3 using opi clarite (not getting on with this product :( ) (year course one night a week qualified dec 2002 ,)the theory education was brill but the application education was lets say: everyone who finished the course 5 out of 15.those who passed the course dont do acrylic any more except for me and one other,as none of us really mastered it and have been put off
and i have done the backscratchers fibreglass course as well( absoulty love silk/fibreglass)

but not one to be beaten im getting there slowely thanks to u guys
and my creative conversion is 2morrow
Hi Kitty
oh what joy lol.........are u useing the sanding block after you file I find that finishes off the blending nicely.
Take care Dawn

Good Luck Tomorrow GroovyNails :study:

Dawnie, I file using 250grit but I've never tried finishing with a sanding block!! I'll give it a try!! :thumbsup:

(Your doggie is soooo cute btw. :) I have a Great Dane crossed with a Rotweiller)
groovynails said:
backscratchers and creative are different companies. backscratcher is the fibre glasss system from supernails. and i think you are supposed to be trained with backscratcher before you can buy from them.

Hi Groovy - No you don't have to be trained to buy Backscratchers - Layla is the PERFECT example (no offense sweetie). You can buy it on QVC and they are nothing to do with CND!! Just to put ya'll in the pic ;)
oh i was told wrong then as when i tried to buy from them ,before i trained with them . They wouldnt let me buy.
*takes a bow* haha! I actually bought mine from ebay :oops: Was getting REALLY annoyed with having no ''proper'' tips so went and bidded myself some!

I was interested in this discussion. I am doing a gel course and I have not been told/taught to apply a coat of gel to the nail before applying a tip. Is this the acceptible thing to do - I assume it really does work too - I can see that you would be less likely to file the customer's natural nail this way.


Hi Julie,

I had to replace 3 nails this morning (Don't ask :oops:) & I tried all the advice I have been given. I did put a thin layer of gel on & it certainly has protected my nails, but I also found that it made gettign the tips to stick a lot harder. I had wiped the gel with knapping wipe, & I'm sure I saw on Annas site that you shouldn't bother to do this (I only remembered AFTER I finished my 3 missing nails :oops: :oops: ) as having a sticky residue actually helps the glue. figures I guess!! Doh!

I also finished off with my sanding block & it did seem to have a much nicer, smoother finish to the 'blend-job'(ooh, so technical)

I think the problem I'm having with filing away too much of the tip is actually down to having very small air bubbles in the glue. I'll have to try & over come this now!! :rolleyes:

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