Gel nails are dull!

Hi, I was hoping that someone could help me. I was doing my own colour gel there, wen throught all the steps, then at the end, when I went to wipe the tacky layer of Finish Clear off, some of my nails were shiny, and other looked realy dull. Others ahd patchy bits of dullness in the middle of the shiny-ness!
What am I doin wrong?

My method is:
1. Prep nails
2. Apply Balance Bond
3. 1 thin coat of Builder clear
4. 2 coats of colour, applied slightly thicker
5. 1 coat of Finish clear
6. Wipe off tacky layerwith cleanse
7. Cuticle oil

Can someone shed any light on this and help me get shiny gels?
Thank you!

You don't say what system you are using so I cannot comment on your process but it does sound as though you are not putting the correct amount of top coat on - you do have to make sure it is not too thin. Are you using the correct lamp for your system ?


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I use to get this problem aswell. I was being a bit stingy with my top coat, you get patches where there isnt any gloss. If you buff off the top top coat and re-apply it you should be ok. HTH

I've experienced the same problem with my Finish Clear (NSI), but after contacting NSI Norway I tried applying a bit thicker and cured for 120 sec instead of 90 sec and they turned out perfect. HTH

Sorry, I use the NSI Balance system.

tracey louise

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i agree with christine
try applying the finsih clear abit thicker and cure it for longer and see if that helps.
let us know what happens.x


I'm learning Gels at the moment, and I did 2 sets on my trainer hand, one set were super shiny, the other dull, I think I may have not cured the dull ones's worth trying curing a little longer XxxX

the NSI Glaze and Go is a fantastic uv topcoat on gels and l&P, try it youll never look back!!!! :)

the NSI Glaze and Go is a fantastic uv topcoat on gels and l&P, try it youll never look back!!!! :)
My experience is that it tends to be a bit "brittle" (easily cracking) compared to the Finish Gel.
Especially over nail art stickers etc. But yes, the shine is fab! :green:

i agree with the glaze n go! i love it, wouldnt do nails without it!

havent had a problem with cracking though...and i use it all the time..



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Don't apply your cuticle oil too soon after curing.
Make sure the nails are cured 100%.