Gel pens for nail art is there a thread for this already?


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May 12, 2006
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Hi, i have been searching all over as im sure iv read some where about using gel pens for nail art.
I bought some today with glitter in, i was just on the phone to my sister n while i was chatting i got one out and drew on my nails.The affect looke great but it did wipe off straight away but didnt let it dry.

So does anyone know anything about using these is it ok before i do use on nails please, any links would be great i have used the search for gel pens but cant find anything,any advice would be great thanks xx
Years ago I used to go on an american site called There was a forum on it and the techs who posted used to use gel pens all the time
I used a black gel pen for the black lines on the toes that i did in the dress a foot comp on this site a while ago,
i had to wait a good while for the pen to dry, i could not use a top coat as it just smudged it instantly, it was ok to use for the effect that i wanted for the photo but not any good for using on clients unless someone knows a secret that i don't lol
Hi, yes im sure iv read about using normal gel pens.These i bought today actually look fab but i wanted to know if it was ok {safe} to use on nails like allergies or staining etc?
as long as you let them dry properly, then really blob your top coat on theyr'e fine.
ok thats great thanks cobweb, what about putting it on kiddies nails for art would that be ok aswell?
can anyone recomend a good gel pen that dosnt take too long to dry and they have tried then please??
I have used the silver ones that are on sale at xmas and got away with using a top coat (forgot about that one)
i have tried it, but they take too long to dry.

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