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Sep 11, 2003
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i would like to know what gel products does everyone else use?
I have tried a few but seem to have settled on gentle gel 1 because its high gloss, non flakey and quite resilient.
Also curious as to what tips you use.
Thanks, Dye
hi ya...
i use trilite from and also ive just trained in bio sculpture...trilite is lovely, very high gloss finish, bio is lovely too, and soaks off in 10-15 mins...lovely coloured gels available too...
i use creative white tips and they r excellent...
Vicky :D

I use BioSculpture because of its variety of permanent colours and its quick soak off time. It is especially good on toes with rhinestone dragonflies on the big toes for fact, thats what I will be doing on my own toes tomorrow night for our trip to Florida on Thursday 8)
Hi to all gel users

Having worked with gel now for 18 months and I have tried quite a few different products.
I love the Bio Sculpture gel for natural nail overlays but it can be abit of a disater for clients who pick!

Professionails do a good range and I use their products alot.

My fave gel at the moment is Balance by NSI. I like to sculpt alot and their white sculpting gel is brilliant. Topped with the bulider pink it produces amazing nails.

I use IBD gel. I have found it very good, and have no problems with it. I find having a colour gel option has been a really good business move as I have lots of clients for gel toe colour who would never have their finger nails done.

I did do proper IBD training - a 3 day course. This was extremely helpful as it is rather different to apply if you want to build or sculpt with it.

The other thing that has been handy is having a supplier (Phab hair & beauty supplies in Devon) who will post me single jars of colour gel with no shipping charge. This means I can provide specific colours without the expense of holding too much stock.

The gel is so good that I have a client with naturally long nails who just has overlays, and she went on a weeks scuba diving holiday and not even a hint of lifting!

You should also check out calgel as they have a colour range too. Biosculpture has colour as already mentioned on this post. I think they all will soon.
I use Akzentz Trilite from Nailsplusbeauty.....I find there is hardly any lifting and the finish is strong and shiny! :D
Hi sharon

I'd love to see a picture of your toe nails if you get time with all that packing to do!

Sue x
I have tried many gels as this is what I started on but have settled with IBD, its a great gel with no problems and the colours are great too.
I also liked Young Nails but found the service pretty yucky, I quite like NSI but had the same sort of service. Its no good having a product you like but can`t get hold of it or have no backup in place for you is it.
I really want to try the Ackzents (probably spelt that wrong) but was disappointed they weren`t at the exhibition. I will one day but until then I am happy with IBD
IBD is an excellent system and (in the USA anyway - don't know about the UK) they offer excellent training.
Having read the above posts i'm amazed to hear people say NSI gel is good? Maybe i got a bad batch or something but i found after 3 days it went a really dark shade of yellow... Is it just me that feels this?

I was surprised to read that the NSI gel went yellow, was it the Light Fantastic or Balance.

I have been using Balance and I am really pleased with. To date I have encountered no problems with the NSI order system (always arrives the day after)or their after sales care, maybe I got lucky.

I use Calgel probably for all the same reasons that others have mentioned for using Biosculpture. I love the range and the colours, though agree with everyone else that these I use mainly on toes.
BTW Sharon please show us those holiday toes ;)
I use Bio Sculpture gel, the colours are really nice, and brilliant for natural overlays.
hi all,
thanks alot for the messages, but i am still not sure with the tips any ideas?
love dye
hi, get creative tips, they r fab...i use there white tip and also there velocity tips...vicx
I can only comment on those that I have tried - Star Nails, IBD tips, Nailorder, Creative, essential nails.

Well they are all fine except the IBD & EN ones, but the creative ones are far far far superior to the others. I know that they are more money, but the time saved blending is huge and when you are new to it - every minute counts.

The only advantage I saw to the star nails ones were that they also do some super sized tips for large thumbs / toenails. I have had several occasions where thumbs have been too big for standard tips, but have sculpted on a form to get around this problem. If you are able to do this it frees up your options somewhat.
would you say you need to master the tips before doing a course in sculpting
love dye
would you say you need to master the tips before doing a course in sculpting

Well you might get different answers to that one. Personally I learnt them all at the same time. I had to - my own thumbs are too big for tips and didn't find out about the large ones at first. The main thing is to use good forms or you get really stuck. i use creative's forms. A lot of gels are not good for sculpting so you need to check that out first.
hi ella,
does the creative do bigger tips and would you say white(french) tips are better then the normal tips that are natural colour if you know what i mean? as for sculpting i think i need to master the tips first, else i think i will go on for ever more still not doing it on clients
love dye :?
I am not aware of creative doing the big tips, but you need to speak to them to be sure. The eclipse creative tips are in fact a larger size 1 anyway.

I don't like using white tips for 3 reasons:

They don't seem to work well long term with gel - it sometimes comes away if you have not buffed the surface enough.

They are not as hard wearing as normal tips (correct me here anyone?).

They do not suit all clients - there needs to be a reasonable free edge to use them. (there are products that get round this with clear well areas)

That is not to say that I don't use them. They are great if someone just wants temporary nails for a wedding or something and is planning to soak off. Some clients just ask for them. They are soon converted though when you have to rebalance and use white builder gel or white powders to give the french free edge.

They are also handy for fibreglass nails - but I do not do them.
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