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Jane Cleaver

May 24, 2012
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Ontario, Canada
I've recently decided to go back into nails, so I purchased some Gelish to get acquainted with, as I really like the idea of gel polish.

I'm having some issues though and I was hoping maybe someone could provide some insight on what I am doing wrong, or maybe even point me to a Gelish trainer in Southwestern Ontario, Canada.

For some reason, it's just not curing properly. When I am apply the Top It Off top coat, I am getting trace amounts of colour on the brush. I am using the pH bond, then a single thin coat of the foundation gel which i cure with the Gelish MINI Pro 45 LED Curing Light for 10 seconds, two thin coats of colour (curing 30 seconds between each layer), and then when I go to put on the top coat, it's colouring my brush ever so slightly. When I wipe off the sticky layer, my lint free pad is usually clean, however, once in awhile it leaves a very faint smear. I'm using Bella's Vampire colour, I haven't played around with any of the lighter colours yet.

I'm wondering if it's me, the lamp, should I have gotten a UV lamp instead? Has this happened with anyone else? Any suggestions what to try?

Thanks in advance!
I suggest you use the full 45 seconds of the timer on that smaller lamp. Especially on those darker colors. Try checking out the Gelish Lover's Group. Lots of helpful info there.
Thanks! i joined the group I think, but I haven't checked it out yet. I will make my way there now :)
Hi with the mini pro 45 you have to cure for 45 seconds not 30.

You are having problems as its not had a full cure

Hth x
Ahhh...awesome! I will try doing 45 secs instead of 30, hope that makes a difference. Do I need to adjust the time for the foundation gel as well? Right now I've been doing that for 10 seconds under the LED.

I wish I could find product specific training in my area, the Sally's around here doesn't offer much. I hear the CosmoProf is gonna be carrying it soon, I hope they do some classes with the product launch. Here's hoping!
With that specific lamp I believe it's 20 seconds :)
WOOHOO! Thank you :)
The tip of my TIO brush always gets a little bit of colour on the end...thought this was normal? I just tend to wipe it off when im done x

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The tip of my TIO brush always gets a little bit of colour on the end...thought this was normal? I just tend to wipe it off when im done x

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Mine does on certain colours, also if you drag your TIO brush along the colour coat it comes off on the brush thats why you need to really float your brush x
Apply slightly more TIO than you do colour & as said, kind of float the TIO over the top not pushing too hard into the colour
Colour on the wipe after TIO would indicate you haven't quite covered the colour coats completely.
AHhh, thanks! I bet I am doing my TIO too thin, and it's dragging too hard over the colour. I've been trying SO HARD to do my layers extremely thin, and I think perhaps it's a bit too thin.

In hindsight, I probably should have started with something a bit lighter in colour, those I suppose the dark really amplifies any flaws and I know what I need to work on a bit more. THank you everyone for your suggestions.

I"m off to soak this current application off and perhaps give her another whirl since the husband is out and I've got some wine :) It is Friday after all ;)

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