Gelish? To buff or not?


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Feb 26, 2010
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can anyone tell me if they have done the gelish without buffing the natural nail first or is this a must? Any hold ups on getting there base coat etc...? Torn between shellac and gelish, wished i managed to get to olympia now to try them out for myself.
most gelish users seem to not bother with the buffing first without any problems.

No stock issues with gelish, just recieved my order today so i'm a but excited!!

Harmony will be at the manchester beauty show in October, not sure if you can make it there? xxx
I haven't buffed natural nail at all and there is no comprimise in the product 'sticking' at all. The clients love that too!

No stock issues, and super friendly and helpful staff - loving it!!
can i ask if you are using their lamp, as i know this is a big topic on here about the right lamp. at the mo im using cnd l&p and akzentz gels. Can i use a with gelish polish over l&p sucessfully lasting till they need a rebalance, would make them easier to do.
Lamp - I use my standard 36w 4 bulb lamp and it works well.

Over L&P - I haven't done this as I see the 2 things as separate services, and I can't see how it would make it any easier - it's really simple anyway

HTH's xx
When I first ordered Jason told me that any 36w lamp would cure the gelish and I have never buffed the nail prior to application. As long as you make sure you cap the free edge and keep the coats thin you can't go wrong. Jason and Georgie are both really helpful and knowledgable and there is no hard sell. I waited before buying and pondered and now just wished I had bought it sooner. Have you joined the gelish group on here? There are lads of photos on there and people who have been using it from the start
i have done a few gelish nails now and i have not buffed the nail prior to appliction...just minor prep as in remove cuticle from nail plate then dehydrate and had no problems so far....results have been excellent....ive just ordered a few more colours. is correct that any 36watt will cure it.....however i am saving my pennies for the LED lamp
No prob with ordering.

Bottles are 15ml

Don't use L&P.
I have put Gelish over my buff off gel as the buff off didn't need to come off, it only needed infilling & wanted to see if it would be ok (as this is something you can do with Bio Sculpture) No problem there either.

Structure I have used to extend with, not too long but is lovely & thin & strong.

I think im going to put my order in tomorrow, can anyone tell me is there a min order after i place my first one? Thanks for helping making my mind up. Pictures look fab, I was worried that they were going to look more like a gel than a polish.
Good question, but don't know the answer.

You will deserve a prize if you can keep to a low order,it's so
no there is no minimum and yes it is very addictive lol
My mum had this done on one finger at Olympia, they buffed and dehydrated the nail, it looked very white due to the dehydrator, this concerned me, the nail is still on so I can't see if it has affected it long term. How are the nails looking after having gellish a few times? :hug:
I have been using Gelish since June I have buffed and also not buffed I have only ever used nail plate cleanser to dehydrate and my nails as well as my constantly returning clients are perfect.


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