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Sep 24, 2009
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HI just experimenting at the moment and wondered if anyone uses gelish on top of nail extensions or just on natural nails. Also can it be used on top of acrylic nails thanks julie
It can be used on both. I'm sure another geek will correct me if I'm wrong but I understand that you buff the enhancement so that it is finished with a rougher surface- a 240grit- and then you don't need a base coat.

Saying that, polish with a good base and top coat should last at least a week over enhancements.... :)
HI just experimenting at the moment and wondered if anyone uses gelish on top of nail extensions or just on natural nails. Also can it be used on top of acrylic nails thanks julie

It can be if the surface is prepared correctly.

It sure is an expensive way of polishing enhancements and you will have to charge for doing it just as much as if you were doing natural nails.

Then there is removal --- you will have to buff the colour off .. no soaking.

Polish colour dries very quickly on the surface of enhancements, lasts for weeks and you can remove it quickly to change the colour.

I don't actually see any reasonable where a person would use a coloured gel on top of enhancements myself.
I have clients who wear gelish on top of their enhancements and are happy to pay for it, they love the colours and finish. I also wear it on mine too.

I usually finish acrylics as normal and use the base coat, ive not tried it any other way.

AJ x
It's very good to use under nail art where polish drying time would slow down the appointment too much and clients do love the fact that their nails are dry.

So you can use it on top of enhancements where the benefits outweigh the problems. It files off very quickly when you are preparing the nail for it's regular maintenance, probably not much slower than trying to remove a dark colour polish thoroughly with acetone or nvr.
I have lots of customers who are being gelished and shellaced on top of enhancements , mainly because they want longer nails than they have AND want that particular colour or are severe biters and I am having to some serious disguising and I want something they cant fiddle with.

my own nails are really naff as am a biter, i wear enhancements all the time and gelish on top. I batter them at the salons, as am a beauty therapist too, so enamal doesnt last five minutes. the gelish doesnt budge.
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I use Gelish on my clients nail enhancements & on my own, it's the only thing that withstands what I do everyday with my nails in the salon.

It does not cost anymore in time than using any other UV dried polish style product over the enhancements & that still needs buffing off as does Gelish - no difference there, however the Gelish bottles are 15ml instead of the smaller 7ml of some other brands, which are more cost effective.
Clients don't want to wait for normal polish/enamel to dry thesedays as there are products out there that eliminate drying time & they are happy to pay a little extra for that - the extra £'s they pay for the Gelish or any other similar product out weighs the issue of it not being dry & able to not worry about it smudging.

If you use Gelish, I would recommend using the Foundation base too over the enhancement, as I would use the base with any other similar product.

You'd be silly to not charge extra for this service - I charge extra for anything I put on thier nails -polish, Gelish, Nail Art - they all end up being buffed off at the next appointment. And we are going to take a file to the nails anyway, it doesn't take me much longer to do that only a minute or so.
Unless it’s over buff off gels, it would need to be buffed off rather than soaked off (soaking would also take off enhancements). The rock hard immediately is a good bonus but, as Geeg says, needs to be paid for.

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